• The investor should contribute one hundred thousand euros (€100.000) either to the research and innovation foundation or the industry and technology sector or the renewable energy and energy saving sector or the national solidarity fund and additional one hundred thousand euros (€100.000) to the Cyprus land organization.
  • The investor can invest in the primary sector of the economy or to the sectors of research, technology, education, health and renewable energy, in residential or commercial or tourism developments, in real estate, in companies, in purchasing of shares by alternative firms established in Cyprus or combine all the above investments.
  • The investor cannot set up a land development company for the purpose of drainage of the investment.
  • For real estate investments, the planning permit, a search certificate and a bank waiver where applicable are required upon submission of the naturalisation application.
  • Clean criminal records are considered valid if they are issued maximum 6 months prior to the application.
  • Persons sanctioned by the European Union or United Nations or who have been sanctioned or related to sanctioned persons or entities and the relevant sanction is or were in force for at least 12 months prior to the submission of application, persons under investigation for a serious criminal offence or convicted for a serious criminal offence of five years or more, persons wanted by the Interpol or Europol, persons who acted in a manner that indicates that they recognised in any way the illegal administration in the areas not controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and hold illegally, enter or intervene in any way with immovable property located in the said areas, which belongs to another legal owner and politically exposed persons who exercise political functions either now or exercised those functions the last 12 months from the submission of application are not allowed to apply for citizenship.