Can a Turkish Cypriot open a business Cyprus

As a Turkish Cypriot can I open a business on the Republic of Cyprus?

Yes of course! Any Turkish Cypriot can set up a business on the Republic of Cyprus.

We fully support this course of action.

Not only is it very beneficial to set up a business on the Republic of Cyprus, it is also very good for the relationship between the two sides!

Our goal is to reunite the Cypriot people and the island and this is an excellent step in achieving this.

Our company Law department are always at hand to help anybody from all areas and all countries in the setting up of there business.

We can guide you from the very start while even in the thinking process to the very end when your business is operational and running successfully.

We welcome all Turkish Cypriots looking to set up their own company.

Contact our experienced members of staff for more information and get started today and on the way to running a vibrant business.