How to Apply for 6% Donation Documents

How to Apply for 6% Donation Documents

Cyprus 6% Donation Documents You Need.

How to Apply for 6% Donation and What documents do I need?

So now you have found out that you can claim 6% donation back on the Contract value of your Cyprus property.

This is excellent news and even better to know you have a trusted lawyer to help you through this procedure.

However, before we can help you please make sure you have read the full criteria which we have covered previously and that you have the required documents, please see below:

Copy of Planning Permit application
Copy of Planning Permit and Building Permit
Copy of the contract of sale
Water or Electricity bill which will be used as evidence for your ownership-occupancy.
Copy of ID card or Passport
For married people, Marriage Certificate
Once we have ticked all the criteria boxes yes and you have provided all the above documents we can go ahead for a small fee and apply for your 6% donation.

At this time of financial struggle this is excellent news for some and who knows about Cyprus 6% Donation Documents unless you really check this could be you with a few extra thousand in your pocket.

If you are not entirely sure give our expert members of staff a call and they will advise you of all you need to know about Cyprus 6% Donation Documents.

Don’t delay call us today!