G.Kouzalis LLC notes that According to the Anti-Money Laundering regulations, any person who will send money into a Cyprus bank account should provide clear evidence as per his details, his background and most importantly the sources of his income.

For example, a Purchaser who will send money to purchase a Cyprus property has to also provide a true copy of his passport, a utility bill, a marriage certificate, a clean criminal police certificate and any other documents proving from where he earned the money he is sending. If the money derives from his company, he has to provide documents such as company certificates and audit accounts. If the money derives from pensions, he has to provide the relevant pension governmental documents. It is important to mention that any documents issued abroad should be officially translated by a sworn translator and duly authenticated at the relevant authorities of the issuance country and an EU embassy.

All documents will be examined by the Cyprus lawyers, the Purchaser will appoint to act on his behalf and by the banking institute, which will receive the money from abroad.