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Central Bank of Cyprus regarding the completion of loan restructuring applications

According to the announcement and letter dated 30/09/2021 of the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, Mr. Constantinos Herodotou, requests the Authorized Credit Institutions, as well as the Credit Acquisition Companies, to assist in the completion of justifiable restructuring loan applications. The abovementioned letter repeats the previous positions of the Governor, in a series […]

law cyprus foreign interest company

Introduction On 3d of September 2020, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus has approved the creation of the Fast Track Business Activation Mechanism (“FTBA”). The purpose of the enactment of this mechanism, in conjunction with amendments to the immigration legislation with regards to the provision of permanent residency and working permits for […]

Immovable Property law cyprus

Under The Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) (Amendment) Law of 1993 – 6(1) of 1993, section 38K (hereinafter referred to as “The law”), common expenses should be shared between all owners, hence it is an obligation of every owner to participate in the payment of common expenses. Under the Article 38A, common hold property, […]

third country nationals law cyprus kouzalis lawyer office

Many Foreigners who wish to move to Cyprus wish to know, can Third Country Nationals work in Cyprus? The Labour Department is responsible for applications from Employers to employ Third Country Nationals for short term needs (1-2 years) provided that Cypriot or European citizens do not meet those specific needs of the Employer. The main […]

resealing cyprus law cyprus g kouzalis

According to the Probates (Re-Sealing) Law in Cyprus, if a District Probate Registry in a commonwealth country granted a Probate Order, regarding the assets of the deceased, the Court in Cyprus can re-sealing the same probate order regarding the property of the deceased in Cyprus. Therefore, since there is a commonwealth PROBATE ORDER the application […]

tailor made solutions cyprus

Investing is for every ambitious person! Guiding and advising is for us! We have vast experience in many sectors, personalized solutions and opportunities in Cyprus, Greece, UK, Malta, Dubai and other countries. It was about time that we finally went worldwide! Merging our synergies across Cyprus and the whole world brings a lifetime of opportunities […]

paratasi pliromis vat g kouzalis law office llc

ΘΕΜΑ: ΠΑΡΑΤΑΣΗ ΠΛΗΡΩΜΗΣ ΦΠΑ Σύμφωνα με την ανακοίνωση του Υπουργείου Οικονομικών με ημερομηνία 22/07/2021, όλες οι επιχειρήσεις που αντιμετωπίζουν πρόβλημα ρευστότητας λόγω της πανδημίας Covid-19 επιμηκύνεται η παράταση για την πληρωμή του ΦΠΑ για ακόμη τρείς (3) φορολογικές περιόδους. Συγκεκριμένα οι πληρωμές που έπρεπε να γίνουν 10/05, 10/06 και 10/07 αναστάληκαν για τις 10/08, 10/09 […]

return taxes g kouzalis llc

Submission of Tax Return of Individuals 2020 G. KOUZALIS LLC informs you that based on the latest announcement of the Ministry of Finance dated 23/07/2021, the submission of the Tax Return of Individuals for the year 2020 has begun. Pursuant to the Decree of the Council of Ministers (KDP288 / 2021), all Employees, Pensioners and […]