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Elevators are an integral part of the majority of the apartment complexes in Cyprus, since it is reasonably foreseeable that most of them are occupied by elderly people. Elevators have high maintenance demands, safety issues, and power consumption, hence they will attract some substantial common expenses, which should be jointly paid by all the owners […]

Why should you invest in Cyprus law office

Republic of Cyprus ‘ strategic position for clients who work in Europe and the Middle East, its excellent climate, well-developed infrastructure, and highly skilled workforce are just some of the advantages that have made the Republic of Cyprus a major business center. The administrative, and legal systems which are clear and understandable, have contributed to […]

The Cyprus News Agency asked Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner, whilst presenting the package to strengthen the area of free movement in the EU, “Is Cyprus ready to enter the Schengen Area?” and her response to the question was “Cyprus is not yet ready.”  Ylva pointed out, “Cyprus is not yet able to be assessed and […]

On 14/4/21, two significant amending laws of the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration, and Valuation) Chapter 224 of the Laws (Law Ν. 54(Ι)/2021), and of Streets and Buildings Regulation Law Chapter 96 of the Laws (Law Ν. 53(Ι)/2021), were published in the official gazette of the Republic of Cyprus, and thus came in force. Both amending […]

I have bought my Cyprus property and now I need to pay the community taxes. How do I pay community taxes in Cyprus? There are local authority taxes to pay which is for community services such as annually refuge collection, street lighting, annually Municipality taxes at property value and annually Sewerage tax at property value. […]

If you wonder about your next traveling destination, then we propose you Toulouse! But, why should I visit Toulouse? Well, Toulouse, the fourth-largest city in France, situated in the south west of the country and capital of the department of Haute-Garonne and of the region of Occitanie, has many reasons to convince you setting her […]

Το Δικηγορικό Γραφείο G KOUZALIS LLC σας παραθέτει αυτούσιο το διάταγμα για μηδενική αύξηση στα ενοίκια το οποίο έχει ισχύ από τις 22 Απριλίου 2021 μέχρι και τις 21 Απριλίου 2023, όπως δημοσιεύτηκε στην Επίσημη Εφημερίδα της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας την Παρασκευή, 9 Απριλίου 2021. Το Υπουργικό Συμβούλιο, ασκώντας τις εξουσίες που του χορηγούνται από την […]

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