List of Communities

G Kouzalis LLC law firm registered a lot of communities and associations. We believe that Cyprus lawyers must support these organizations.

G Kouzalis Law Firm List of Communities

Firstly G Kouzalis LLC law firm formed Larnaca Community Church. Larnaca Community Church purpose is to bring more people near to Jesus. They helped a lot of citizens. Also, they demonstrate God’s love through ministry. Another religious organization that is under our registration is Petra Church.

Also, we registered the Famagusta Business Association and Social and Cultural Centre Blue Art.  Furthermore G Kouzalis LLC law firm formed Cyprus Carom Billiard Federation.

Konstantia Swimming Club

law firm cyprus konstantian swimming g kouzalis llcAt Konstantia Swimming Club we make a change at memorandum. Konstantia Swimming Club creates by parents who wanted to create a place for children that they wanted to learn swimming. Also, some of the children wanted to take swimming lessons because they wanted to take up the sport seriously. In the beginning, they use the pools of some hotels in Famagusta area but these pools did not meet the requirements. So the parents found the Konstantia Swimming Club. The first name was Nautical Club of Famagusta free area and was based in Paralimni. Finally, after 2008 they renamed it to Konstantia Swimming Club. Is a permanent member of the swimming federation since 2007.

Also, some other clubs that G Kouzalis LLC law firm make changes to the memorandum are Sailing Club Ponatha and Sailing Club Begafigo. They are 2 of the larger nautical clubs in Cyprus.

Final but not least we register Famagusta Russian Federation. It was something that Russian citizens in the Famagusta area and in Cyprus needed. We are very proud that we are a part of this project.

For more information about G Kouzalis LLC law firm list of communities, you can contact us. Our lawyers and staff are always there to answer any question you have.