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    Apply for 6% Donation – How long does it take?

    How Long Does it Take to Claim my 6% Donation in Cyprus?

    Now you have decided to claim your 6% donation on your Cyprus property, and we have determined that you have passed the criteria and have all the relevant documents which we covered previously.

    We then send these with your application to the department of Donations.

    Within approximately one month you will receive a letter from them to inform you if your application was successful.

    If you feel this procedure is for you it would be a shame not to follow through. We can help you every step of the way.

    We can check all your documents. Help you fill in all necessary forms and send all the necessaries to the department of Donations.

    And in one month you could be sitting on a little nest egg.

    If you require further information or are interested in this service our expert members of staff are waiting for your call.

    It would do no harm to take a little peak at your paper work just in case this relates to you!

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    Can a Turkish Cypriot open a business Cyprus?

    As a Turkish Cypriot can I open a business on the Republic of Cyprus?

    Yes of course! Any Turkish Cypriot can set up a business on the Republic of Cyprus.

    We fully support this course of action.

    Not only is it very beneficial to set up a business on the Republic of Cyprus, it is also very good for the relationship between the two sides!

    Our goal is to reunite the Cypriot people and the island and this is an excellent step in achieving this.

    Our company Law department are always at hand to help anybody from all areas and all countries in the setting up of there business.

    We can guide you from the very start while even in the thinking process to the very end when your business is operational and running successfully.

    We welcome all Turkish Cypriots looking to set up their own company.

    Contact our experienced members of staff for more information and get started today and on the way to running a vibrant business.

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    Can I set up a trust in Cyprus?

    Setting up a trust in Cyprus if you don’t live in Cyprus

    Cyprus offers a very attractive package called the Cyprus International Trust.
    The Cyprus International trust is for citizens who live out of Cyprus.
    The beneficiaries for the Trust must also live outside of Cyprus.
    It is not available to anybody Settlor (maker of the trust) or Beneficiary who lives in Cyprus.
    The Trust can be left to any loved one, Friend, Family or even yourself as the Settlor.
    Profit and non-profit making asset/cash/business can be included in the Trust
    The Trust must be administered however, by a Trustee who is permanently registered in Cyprus (Thus why many people appoint their Cypriot lawyer to do this)
    The Trust can last up to 100 years and can be changed at any time or cancelled at any time and there is only a one off fee for this service. It is a tax efficient as well as safe and secure way of leaving your assets in a protected environment.

    If you require this service please contact our accounts department today who will advise you pf all you need to know regarding the Cyprus International Trust.

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    Do I have to register my boating vessel for mooring space at the Cyprus Marinas?

    Registering boating vessels for mooring space at the Cyprus Marinas.

    We are getting asked this question more and more of late. With new Marina lifestyle trends up and coming and the new Marinas being built all over Cyprus many people want to know how to register their boating vessels.

    It is also important to know the shipping law as each country is different. Although shipping law is governed under international law each state has its own rules and regulations so you must research these also.

    If you are buying a new boating vessel you must also register your name address and details for your new vessel.

    For all marinas there are waiting lists for the mooring of your vessel. So yes you must put your name on the list in good time in order to secure a spot and not miss out.

    If you require help to do this our expert members of staff are always at hand to help you. We will advise you of the legalities and where and how to register your vessel for mooring space.

    We can also help with any Marina property issues or queries you may have. Contact us today!

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    How long it takes to register a company in Cyprus?

    The first thing you want to know is how much and how long it takes to register a company in Cyprus.

    We have already covered the cost for registering your company now we can tell you that on average it takes 2-3 weeks to register your company.

    However, this can depend on the actual registration office as they sometimes experience delays.

    Once you have acquired our Company registration package we will contact the registration office and request a time frame from them.

    We do all the work for you. You have no need to worry about anything at all. We are here to fully protect you and ensure your working within the Cyprus law and you know all you need to know.

    Contact us for full details and how we can help you to run your company legally and successfully!

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    How long my case will take to finalize?

    I want to know how long my case will take to finalize?

    This is one of the hardest questions to answer!

    Whether it is a criminal matter, civil, family or property, each and every case is individual.

    The only answer we can give is we will work to the best of our ability and knowledge, and we will 110% and more.

    It does not matter how big or small your case is we will give each individual client our full attention and protect you to the utmost of our ability.

    Although we cannot tell you how long a case will take, which will be the same answer from all lawyers, we can assure you that you are in the best hands and we will not give up until we are satisfied we have done our best.

    It would be unrealistic for an answer to this question however, make sure which ever lawyer you choose, they are independent and working in your best interests. Make sure you trust them and you feel protected from there you cannot go wrong.

    For any legal issue in any area of law contact us today.

    We can help you and we will protect you!!

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    How to acquire my medical and identity card in Cyprus?

    Moving to a new country can be a very daunting experience and many people either plan every last detail or just get up and go.

    Either way we are happy and welcome you to our sunny island of Cyprus!

    Many times we are asked the question can I get a medical card and an identity card.

    The answer is yes it is a simple procedure for EU citizens as long as they have the required documents.

    First of all they must apply to the Immigration for their Yellow Slip which registers them in Cyprus. Once this has been granted they can apply for a medical and identity card.

    Our immigration department can help you fill in all the necessary forms and accompany you to the relevant offices.

    We are here to help you make you new life in Cyprus run as smoothly as possible and help in all areas Cyprus law and Cyprus Living.

    Contact us today for any of your immigration issues.

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    How To Appeal My Case?

    How to appeal my case how long do I have to do this?

    Unfortunately not all cases can be won! No matter which lawyer you appointed for the original case you can choose any lawyer to appeal your case if you are not happy with the outcome.

    However, there are time limits for each different area of law. For example if you have recently lost a criminal case you have only a 10 day window to lodge an appeal. Each different area of law has different time frames!

    An appeal must be decided and lodged as soon as possible.

    If this is an issue that relates to you then contact our office immediately and speak with our lawyers who specialize in appeal cases.

    They will advise you honestly and truthfully as to whether they feel your case is worth appealing and advise you of all the legal information you need to know.

    We are always at your service.

    Do not hesitate in contacting us as the clock is ticking

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    How to Apply for 6% Donation?

    This is an issue that many people are not aware of. As an EU citizen or a Non- EU citizen but resident in Cyprus it is possible to claim 6% Donation back on your Cyprus investment.

    You can claim back 6% of the value that you paid for it. However, there are some restrictions of which you can see below.

    Only European Citizens are allowed to apply for the donation or Non European Citizens who permanently lives in Cyprus.
    The applicant must be 18+ years old.
    The square meters of the house/apartment must be up to 250 square meters.
    The house/apartment must be the first property of the Purchaser and it must be used for ownership-occupancy.
    The application for the planning permit must been deposited after the 1st of May 2004.
    If you feel this may be the case for you then contact us immediately and do not miss out on what could be quiet a lot of money you never knew you could claim.

    For a small fee our specialized members of staff can help you fill in all the forms and guide you through all the necessary steps.

    This is a good chance to pay some of them unwanted bills or buy that car you dreamed of.

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    How to Apply for 6% Donation Documents?

    Cyprus 6% Donation What Documents You Need.

    How to Apply for 6% Donation and What documents do I need?

    So now you have found out that you can claim 6% donation back on the Contract value of your Cyprus property.

    This is excellent news and even better to know you have a trusted lawyer to help you through this procedure.

    However, before we can help you please make sure you have read the full criteria which we have covered previously and that you have the required documents, please see below:

    Copy of Planning Permit application
    Copy of Planning Permit and Building Permit
    Copy of the contract of sale
    Water or Electricity bill which will be used as evidence for your ownership-occupancy.
    Copy of ID card or Passport
    For married people, Marriage Certificate
    Once we have ticked all the criteria boxes yes and you have provided all the above documents we can go ahead for a small fee and apply for your 6% donation.

    At this time of financial struggle this is excellent news for some and who knows unless you really check this could be you with a few extra thousand in your pocket.

    If you are not entirely sure give our expert members of staff a call and they will advise you of all you need to know.

    Don’t delay call us today!

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    How to apply for a yellow slip in Cyprus?

    Cyprus Yellow Slip

    Need help? How to apply for my yellow slip in Cyprus?

    It is good to know all the Immigration Laws before you leave for a certain country. If you do not do your homework it is OK do not panic but be sure to appoint a lawyer to guide you through the Immigration laws of that country.

    In Cyprus for example it is required and definitely advised for EU citizens to acquire their Yellow slip.

    This can be obtained by filing in the relevant forms from the immigration office and then making an appointment with an immigration officer who will grant your Yellow slip there and then provided you have all the relevant documents.

    Please note that there are different documents needed for self employed, working employees, pensioners etc.

    Whatever your circumstances contact our office in order for our immigration department to advise you on the procedure and what criteria and documents are needed for you to gain your yellow slip.

    Our specialized members of staff are waiting for your call

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    How to apply for Mortgages in Cyprus?

    The usual procedure in Cyprus for getting a mortgage is to put down a 30% deposit. The deposit although does not differ from the percentage may differ from the time frame you have to pay it according to what package the developer is offering you.

    The banks only offer a 70% mortgage on property value!

    Mortgages are given for up to 40 years. However the age limit can not exceed 70 years of age at the time of loan expiry.

    Interest rates vary from bank to bank and depending also on the different mortgage package you choose, yet the rates are still pretty low compared to some countries.

    Our office can offer you expert advice on Cyprus mortgages and point you in the right direction in gaining you the best deal.

    If you need help getting a mortgage in Cyprus contact our office today and a specialized member of staff will be ready to help with all your requirements.

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    How To Buy a Building Plot in Cyprus?

    Need help, to buy a building plot in Cyprus?

    Buying a building plot in Cyprus can be very complex. There are many laws and procedures governing this kind of investment along with many risks.

    With years of experience in this area, our experienced Lawyers will make sure you are making the right investment, and that your investment is carefully searched for all loans and building purposes.

    We will advise you from the very beginning of your purchase up until your build is complete and you are happy and secure with your investment.

    We are here to protect and serve you, both legally and morally to the utmost of our abilities.

    Independent Legal advice is a must when making such a big decision, so do not delay and contact us today

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    How to Buy a Fractional Ownership Property in Cyprus?

    Buying a Fractional Ownership Property in Cyprus.

    Fractional Ownership is a way of buying a certain percentage in a property and also only having to pay out for a certain percentage of the running costs of the property.

    Basically a property is split in to shares lets say four quarter shares and you can buy a quarter share, with the option to buy more on a later date if so required.

    You will have three months of the year alternatively with the other shareholders to use as you please and you will only pay for the three months running and maintenance costs.

    This is a good idea at these times of financial unrest and for first time buyers who are finding it hard to get on the property to be able to invest in a property.

    Fractional ownership is now becoming available worldwide and is usually found on new complexes with different packages available. It can also be used for buying yachts and things like helicopters.

    A special Fractional Ownership contract of sale is required and a lawyer must be appointed.

    If this option is of interest to you please do not hesitate in contacting us where our experienced property department can give you all the details and guide you though all procedures.

    Be safe and secure and fully protected in your Cyprus investment

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    How to Buy a Property in Cyprus?

    Need Advice, How to buy a property in Cyprus?

    Buying a property in Cyprus is a very big step. Each country has it s own laws and procedures along with a whole different way of life! As in any country there are risks if you are not fully aware of these laws and procedures.

    We can help you every step of the way, starting with advising and searching the potential investment, before you agree to buy, preparation and guidance of the contract of sale and guidance during and after the sale procedure.

    Independent Cyprus Legal advice is mandatory. We are here to protect you

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    How to buy a share in a yacht?

    Buying a share in a yacht.

    With the ever increasing marina lifestyle many people are looking to invest in super yachts and boating vessels. It is a world wide craze now and everybody wants to be a part of it.

    The marina lifestyle while previously associated with the very rich and affluent clientele no longer has to be that way.

    As with property and aviation vessels these super boating vessels can also be brought by way of Fractional Ownership.

    It is actually an ideal way of owning a yacht without having to put all your cash into one basket. You can share your boating vessel with friends and family, work colleges or other boating lovers at only a percentage of the price.

    Buying via Fractional Ownership means you invest a certain percentage in to the vessel and you have a certain period of the year to use as you please, along with sharing the maintenance and running costs.

    So now anyone can invest in a super yacht you don’t have to be super rich

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    How to Buy Land in Cyprus?

    Need help, to buy land in Cyprus?

    When buying a plot of land or any kind of Cyprus investment, the same laws and procedure apply as when buying property.

    The seller and the land must be researched and due diligence undertaken before any agreements are made. It is imperative you consult with an independent Cyprus Lawyer before committing to any agreement with the seller.

    We are here to protect and guide you, before, during and after any potential Cyprus investment sale.

    You can not assume the laws will be the same as in your own country as this may cause you to make very big mistakes.

    Let us do the work and save yourselves the headache and who knows …maybe thousands of pounds!

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    How To Buy Property From a Cyprus Developer?

    Need information, How to buy a Cyprus property from a Cyprus Developer?
    Although we would like to say we have the best and most trustworthy developers, this is not always the case! There are certain procedures and requirements to follow when buying off a developer in Cyprus.

    Your Independent Cyprus Lawyer will make sure the developer is researched along with any of their projects. Any agreements between you and the developer will be strictly checked by your Cyprus Lawyer to make sure they are in favour of you, the purchaser. Your Cyprus Lawyer will protect you against any unlawful issues that may occur by the developer.

    We must stress to consult an independent Cyprus lawyer before signing any agreements or depositing any monies with a Cyprus Developer.

    It is very easy to be blinded and fooled by what a developer is offering, and you may not always understand their jargon or language and this is why we are here to protect you from this.

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    How to calculate my Capital Gains Tax in Cyprus?

    How to calculate my Capital Gains Tax on my Cyprus Property?

    Ordinarily, capital gains tax is set at 20%, however, there are some exemptions.

    For example, if it is your first property in Cyprus and you have lived in the residence for over 5 years the first €85,430 is tax free.

    For a single person the first €17.0086 is tax free and for a couple who jointly own the property the first €34,172 is tax free, otherwise any gain on the property is charged at 20%.

    The Cyprus resale procedure is quite complex and an independent lawyer should always be appointed so you are fully protected and fully aware of all property and taxation laws.

    Our resale department are one of the best in Cyprus. We will help and guide you through all resale procedures from start to finish and make sure that not only is your resale safe and secure but that all runs as smoothly as possible.

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    How to Calculate My Transfer Fees?

    How to Calculate Property Transfer Fees in Cyprus

    How to Calculate My Transfer Fees on my Cyprus Property?

    So you have brought your dream home in your dream country of Cyprus and everything is running smoothly as planned and life is good!

    Now all you’re waiting for is your Cyprus Title Deeds. Which also means your waiting for your Transfer Tax bill?

    Calculating your Transfer Tax is very simple and is good to know so when the time comes you will not be so surprised.

    To calculate your Transfer fees see below:

    Property Value

    Up to €85,430 3%

    €85,431 – €170,860 5%

    Over €170, 860 8%

    For example your property value is €100,000 which = €5000 transfer tax.

    Although Title deeds do take awhile to be issued it is always good to know how much your transfer tax will amount to, especially in these times of financial unrest. This way you can put a little away every so often.

    If you require any assistance with regards to your Title Deeds, Property purchase, resale or any property or taxation law issue our expert members of staff are always at hand.

    No matter how big or small your issue maybe we can help you. We are here to protect you and make sure your Cyprus investment is safe and secure.

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    How to Choose an Administrator?

    How to Choose an Administrator For a Deceased Estate

    Time and time again loved ones pass away unexpectedly without a valid Will being left.

    This leaves their estates and loved ones in turmoil.

    Not only is it a heartbreaking time for everyone, it is also a stressful time as the deceased estate must be cleared of any debts and the remaining distributed equally between the family.

    It is a heartbreaking and stressful job to do. This is why many people tend to appoint their lawyers to perform this dreadful task.

    Your lawyer is independent and unbiased from the family. There are also many legal aspects involved making it easier for the family left behind to appoint the lawyer to take on this responsibility.

    If you require this service or would like more information please do contact us.

    Our staff is fully aware of what you are going through and you will be treated with empathy and understanding and we will take all the burden from your shoulders so you can be left alone in peace to greave for your loved one.

  22. 22
    How to Choose an Executor?

    How to Choose an Executor of my Cyprus Will

    So you have decided to make your Cyprus Will. This is a very wise step!

    It is so important to make sure your ones and the assets you have worked so hard for all your life are taken care of and given to the people of your choice.

    While making your Cyprus Will you may find that you are not sure who would be the best person to be the executor of your Will.

    Not only do you want someone who is trustworthy and fair, sometimes it is best to appoint an executor totally independent and unbiased away from the family members.

    We have extensive experience within this field and many of our clients appoint Mr Kouzalis to be their executor due to his legal knowledge and unbiased and trustworthy manner.

    You have to do what feels right for you, but it is good to know that this service is available throught your trusted Cyprus Lawyer.

    If you would like to know more on this service our probate department will put you at ease and make sure all of your requirements are fulfilled.

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    How to Claim My Cyprus Title Deeds?

    How Can My Developer Claim My Cyprus Title Deeds?

    The developer will carry out all the necessary work to claim your Title Deeds.

    They will fill out all the necessary forms and provide all the necessary documents.

    With the recent problems Cyprus has faced with regards to Title Deeds we always advise for you to appoint a Cypriot Lawyer, in order to research and perform due diligence on the property as to the status of the Title Deeds, and in case there are any problems to stop you from claiming the Title Deeds.

    The due diligence is a very important course of action to take and should not be ignored! From this you can determine what loans if any the developer may or may not have on the project.

    But yes your developer will claim your Title Deeds.

    If you require this service contact our property department where our experienced and specialized members of staff are ready to perform due diligence for you in order to keep you fully protected.

    It is better to be safe than sorry!

  24. 24
    How to Claim my property back in Cyprus?

    Cyprus Property Claims

    Greek Cypriot Property Claims in Northern Cyprus

    Turkish Cypriot Property Claims in the Republic of Cyprus

    We now have many clients wanting to claim their property back, not only on the Turkish Northern part of Cyprus by Greek Cypriots, but also on the Republic of Cyprus by Turkish Cypriots.

    And of course we welcome everybody through our office doors!

    Very briefly:

    We must know the full details of your case
    We must see all documents you have available
    We will take the case to court
    Contact the Probate department for administration or deceased
    Each case is individual and we give each case our full 100% percent attention.

    This type of case is becoming ever more popular and our property lawyers are extensively experienced to be able to deal with any property matter you may have.

    If you require this service or would just like more information pleased o contact us.

    Our staff are very friendly and will guide and advise you through all procedures.

    Leave it to the specialists and let us give to you what is rightfully yours!

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    How to connect utility supply in Cyprus?

    Connecting your utility supply in Cyprus.

    Unless you are buying a resale property, having your electric and water connected is not always so straight forward.

    With a resale property the water and electric can be transferred and connected in the same day.

    However, with a new development the authorities must visit the development to make sure all is in order before they connect the main supply.

    So the timeframe can vary.

    As long as everything on the development is in order there should be no delays once they connect the mains the single unit requests should cause no problems.

    If there are problems on the development this is where your Cyprus lawyer will intervene.

    If you require any help or have any issues with regards to your utilities or property do not hesitate in contacting our specialized members of staff, who deal with the authorities on a regular basis.

  26. 26
    How to connect your utilities in Cyprus?

    Now you have completed your dream investment in Cyprus and your only obligation left to do is have your water and electric connected.

    This can actually be a big chore if you are not able to visit Cyprus for a while!

    And there is nothing worse than completing your sale and not being able to move in as the utilities are not available.

    This is why we offer this service to make life easier for you.

    For a small fee of €170 + VAT, we can have your home up and running in no time at all.

    Take the worry and burden off your shoulders and let us do it for you.

    Not only will this give you peace of mind that your next visit will be a comfortable and stress free visit in your new home, but it could also save you time and money on having to fly over and do it yourself as you must be present at the authorise to sign the papers.

    Leave it to us the experts that what we are here for!

  27. 27
    How to Find an Accountant in Cyprus?

    Need help, to find an accountant in Cyprus?

    Coming in to a new country is an exciting but very big step, especially when you are trying to do everything all at once. Buy your dream home, set up your company, its all go go go.

    The next step is finding a trustworthy accountant to make sure your fiancés are in order.

    Having a wide working knowledge of the financial sector this is definitely a matter we can help you with.

    We are not only Cyprus Lawyers, we can help with any issues surrounding, relocation, investments and company formation plus many other services.

    We are always at your service.

  28. 28
    How to Find an English Cypriot Lawyer?

    Need help, to find a English Cypriot Lawyer in Cyprus?

    It is always very hard for overseas nationals to come in to a new country and find trustworthy and reliable Cyprus lawyers.

    The language can be a huge barrier which is why we try to accommodate all languages, employing staff who speak fluent English, Greek, Russian and some German.

    It is important to choose an Independent Cyprus lawyer, who is well established and renowned in the area.

    Our legal staff will put you completely at ease, and furthermore, we are on the British Embassy list of English speaking lawyers in Cyprus, and also a member of the Russian/UK/Cyprus Business Association.

    Do not worry about anything, we are here to protect you and guide you through any procedure or issue no matter how big or small.

  29. 29
    How to Find Property Near a School in Cyprus?

    Need Help, Finding a property near a school in Cyprus?

    Finding the right property is no easy task, finding the right property near a good school iss even harder!

    We can help point you in the right direction and also perform all legal due diligence on the property making sure your investment is perfect for you.

    Being established Property Lawyers in Cyprus for many years gives us a broader knowledge than most, knowing each area and the very best Cyprus developers.

    We are not just your typical Cyprus Legal representatives, we care about our clients and we want the best for them. Which is why we go that extra mile in offering a variety of different services outside the areas of law.

  30. 30
    How to form a Company in Cyprus?

    Need help, to form a company in Cyprus?

    It is a known fact that Cyprus enjoys low taxation and double treaty policies. This is a main factor when people are looking to invest in a new country. For this reason we have seen major growth within the financial and business sector.

    Forming a company is a straight forward procedure as long as you have the right legal assistance. Our fully trained members of staff are here to guide you through the procedure and help make sure every step you take is the right one.

    From investment decisions to form filling and accounts, we offer a full package service to make sure your business is up and running successfully in no time at all.

    Our members of staff who specialize in this area of company law are waiting for your call.

  31. 31
    How to get a residence permit in Cyprus?

    Cyprus Residence Permit

    With Cyprus now in the EU it is not required for EU citizens to acquire a residence permit. However we do advise for them to register with the immigration and acquire their yellow slip in order to benefit from all the benefits Cyprus has to offer.

    For non-EU citizens who have purchased property in Cyprus they can apply for temporary or permanent residency.

    There are certain criteria’s and documents needed which must be presented to the immigration office. Usually it must be proven that they have the financial means to support themselves and their families and that they have lived here for a certain period of time.

    For non-EU citizens with no immovable property here in Cyprus the procedure and criteria is a little different.

    Our immigration department can help you with all your immigration requirements, from form filing, to liaising and accompanying you to the relevant offices.

    No matter of your circumstance we can help you. So call us today and speak with an expert member of staff who are waiting for your call.

  32. 32
    How to get permission to buy a property in Cyprus?

    Unless you are a Cypriot resident or permanent EU resident in Cyprus all persons looking to buy property in Cyprus must fill out a Council of Ministers application.

    Once your Contract of Sale has been signed your lawyer will advise you to fill in the Council of Ministers application. Once this is correctly filled in it must then be sent to the relevant government office.

    The Council of Ministers application is basically a government check to make sure there are no financial or criminal reasons as to why a person should not buy property here in Cyprus.

    This is mandatory and should be fulfilled by all non-EU investors or EU non-permanent residents.

    We have specialized members of staff who deal with this procedure. They will show you exactly how to fill in the application and do all the work for you.

    If you require this service please do not hesitate in contacting an expert member of staff who are always available for you.

  33. 33
    How To Get Title Deeds in Cyprus?

    Need Information, to get your Title Deeds in Cyprus?
    Cyprus Title Deeds have been a major issue in Cyprus, but our Paralimni Legal Firm has fought tooth and nail to get the Title Deed reform in order to protect our clients.

    We feel Title Deeds to your property is a very important aspect of your purchase. We can fully assist you in the Title Deed procedure and help you gain your rightful and lawful Title Deed to your property in Cyprus.

    Leave it to us the Title Deed professionals. Our fully trained staff will do all the hard work, while you relax and enjoy peace of mind.

  34. 34
    How to Import a Car into Cyprus?

    Need help to import a car into Cyprus?

    So you have made the decision to move to our beautiful sunny island of Cyprus. We are fully aware that to some people their cars can become very special to them. Or maybe you have seen your dream car and you want to get it to Cyprus as quickly as possible.

    It may not seem a big issue but it is best to do this professionally, so that you are within the Cyprus law while driving round your new home and country.

    Which is why, we offer the service of registering your car in Cyprus. Our fully trained staff will make sure your car is fully and legally registered in Cyprus.

    We believe in offering our clients that little bit more and no issue big or small is out of our reach. We are here to help in all aspects of relocation making your move a memorable one.

  35. 35
    How to make a will in Cyprus?

    How to make your will in Cyprus – What documents you need to make your Cyprus Will

    The most important step after buying your Cyprus Property is arranging your Cyprus Will.

    We offer Tailor-made Wills to suit all of your requirements.

    There are certain documents we will need in order for us to prepare your Cyprus Will:

    A Copy of Contract of Sale
    Copy of passports and addresses for persons making the Will.
    Copy of passports and addresses for all beneficiaries.
    If beneficiary is under 18 a guardian must be appointed of which we will also need a copy of their passports and address.
    Once we have all of these documents we can precede in making your Will, so that all you have to do is sign your name on your next visit to Cyprus. No fuss, no waiting just a signature.

    Our probate department are very experienced and professional and we take care of everything so you can be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will be taken care of after your passing.

    Contact us today to arrange your Cyprus Will.

  36. 36
    How to Medical care in Cyprus?

    Medical care in Cyprus is definitely on par with the excellent medical care in Cyprus. In fact many of the doctors here are actually trained in the UK.

    As an EU citizen you will have the same benefits as the Cypriot citizens.

    There is a choice of medical available.

    The accident and emergency is 24 hour and open to all locals and visitors to Cyprus free of charge.

    If you need further treatment from there, you can use your medical card or EU card if you have one to receive free public medical care or you can pay for the public care of which the prices are very reasonable and the care is excellent. You can also choose to consult with a private hospital or doctor of which consultations are approximately €40.00.

    If you are a non-EU citizen and are not covered under your own countries insurance there are many medical insurance policies to suit all your health requirements.

    You must not worry as the health care in Cyprus is exceptional and anything you need to know we can help you with.

    Just contact our office and a member of staff will help with any issue you may have.

  37. 37
    How to pay utility bills in Cyprus?

    How to your pay utility bills in Cyprus

    So you have brought your Cyprus dream home and all your utilities have been connected and everything is perfect.

    The only problem you have now is paying your bills as you are not here to do that.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. We are unable to pay the bills for you.

    We can advise that it is possible to set up a direct debit, and even better the authorities now offer this service via the internet which we advise for you to check out!

    If you require any further information regarding this service, contact out expert members of staff who deal with utility connections.

    Whatever your needs we are here to help or advise.

  38. 38
    How to register a Cyprus Company?

    Besides the property area of law we have found the next most interested area of law is company law.

    With many companies looking to register new businesses and with only 10% tax charge, Cyprus is one of the most sought after countries to set up shop.

    Our business sector is growing year on year, so choosing the best lawyer to assist you with this service is paramount.

    We offer a full package from set up to the successful running of your business. Included in this package are the following:

    Application for company name
    Preparation of all documents
    Preparation of Articles of a Association
    Our expert members of staff will be by your side every step of the way.

    Contact us today don’t put it off any longer!

  39. 39
    How to Register a Cyprus Will in Court?

    Once you have appointed your chosen Cyprus Lawyer and you have made your Cyprus Will, your lawyer will present the original Will in the court.

    The Lawyer must sign all relevant documents and it is then put in an envelope and sealed with a special candle type wax and imprinted with a special stamp.

    A copy of the Will is kept in the Lawyers safe and in the client file.

    It is always important to tell your closet family or friends which lawyer you choose to deposit your Cyprus Will with, or leave a copy in a place where your intended loved ones can easily find it should something happen to you.

    This will save your loved ones a lot of unnecessary stress at a time they really do not need it.

    Our probate department has extensive experience in all areas of probate law and will guide you through all procedures.

    Our friendly staff are waiting for your call.

  40. 40
    How to register my Cyprus Company – the costs?

    Cyprus Company Registration Costs

    So you have decided Cyprus is the most attractive and beneficial country to set up your business.

    And now you want to know the Costs!

    Well that depends on how many names you wish us to apply for at the registration office as it costs per name.

    A safe but only approximate figure would be €2000 + VAT. This would include full registration and set up ready for you to operate.

    It is important to register your company so that you are in accordance with the Cyprus law. All legalities under company law will be explained to you within this service.

    Our company department is very professional and you will be in the best hands. So look no further and contact us today to get your business up and running in no time at all.

  41. 41
    How to Register with Immigration in Cyprus?

    Need help, to register with immigration in Cyprus?

    Whether you are an EU national or a foreign national, there are certain steps to follow should you decide to reside in Cyprus.

    We can advise and assist you fill out all the required forms and take you to the necessary offices, in order to gain residency or register with the Social Security. It is important being in a foreign country to sort this out as soon as possible.

    We can also advise what social security and healthcare benefits you can receive being registered in Cyprus.

    Our fully trained staff, offer a wide range of languages and any nationality is welcome.

  42. 42
    How to Register With the Hospitals in Cyprus?

    Need help, to register with the hospitals in Cyprus?

    We are very proud of our healthcare in Cyprus and we would be delighted to assist you with your healthcare requirements.

    To receive free medical healthcare there are certain requirements to follow depending on your residency and working situation.

    We can assist you every step of the way from filling out the necessary forms to taking you to the necessary offices.

    No issue is too big or too small for our legal firm. We want to make sure you are receiving the correct medical care during your stay in Cyprus, of which our fully experienced staff is waiting for your call.

  43. 43
    How to renew my car tax in Cyprus?

    The time has come once again to pay your car tax!

    This is mandatory if you do not want the police to tow away your car.

    You can pay your car tax at your local department of road and transport and you can also pay it at certain banks and online via the internet.

    It is optional to buy one year or only six month’s car tax to renew again in another six months.

    Please remember that you must also have valid Insurance and MOT to be able to renew your car tax.

    If you do not renew your car tax your insurance will be deemed invalid and you will not be insured to drive.

    If you are not planning to renew your car tax you must advise and show a certificate at the department of road and transport.

    You will have a certain amount of time to renew your car tax but we advise you do this now rather than put it off and forget.

    The new changes in law are that you no longer present your road tax in the front window of your car. Do not see this as an excuse as the police now have more power to pull you over and if you have no tax they will definitely tow away your vehicle.

    Be safe rather than sorry and renew your car tax!

  44. 44
    How To Rent a Property in Cyprus?

    Need Help, to rent a property in Cyprus?

    Whether you need to rent a Cyprus property for yourself, or you wish to find a reputable company to rent out your Cyprus property we can help.

    Gaining many contacts through our many years practicing as Property lawyers, we can point you in the right direction to highly reputable and well established rental agents, or maybe we can help you privately let, the choice is yours.

    Whatever your circumstances we can assist you. Renting, Buying or selling property is our speciality. Contact us for more information.

  45. 45
    How to Sell a Property in Cyprus?

    Need Help, to sell your property in Cyprus?
    There are many guidelines to follow when selling your Cyprus Property. And this can be a very daunting experience if you do not have the proper legal assistance.

    We are the most renowned and experienced Lawyers in the Paralimni area of Cyprus and no matter where you property is situated, we can assist you every step of the way through the resale of your property.

    We undertake all the necessary procedures from withdrawing the original contact of sale from the Land Registry to liaising with any new purchaser’s legal representation.

    Leave all the work to us and have peace of mind knowing your resale is in competent hands.

  46. 46
    How to Sell Cyprus property without Title Deeds?

    It is a known fact that Cyprus Title deeds can take quite a while to be issued. However, people are still aware that they can still go ahead and sell their property with out the Title deeds!

    From the Contract of Sale is deposited at the Land Registration office you are rightfully the legal owner of the property.

    You do not have to wait for the Title Deeds to be issued before you sell!

    As long as you have a valid Contract of Sale and some one to buy your property, the contract of sale can be withdrawn from the Land Registration office, and a new contract of sale will be deposited in the new buyers’ name.

    The Title Deeds will then be issued to them.

    There are charges involved in this process which can add up to a few thousand euros payable by you the seller for cancellation fees and expenses.

    Do not sit and wait for your Title deeds to be issued and be stuck in a sale you do not want or feel you can not get out of.

    Contact our property department today for all your property requirements. We specialize in all areas of property law from sales, resale’s, title deeds any property issues we are here to protect you.

  47. 47
    How to set up company nominee service in Cyprus?

    Our company law department with their vast knowledge and experience can offer you a nominee service at an additional cost to your company registration.

    We have shelf companies available for:

    Our company address can also be used
    Once we have registered your company you can request our price list for each of these services.

    For further information regarding this service or any service regarding company registration or any issue you may have our specialized members of staff are waiting for your call.

  48. 48
    How to Setup a Will in Cyprus?

    Need help, to set up a Cyprus WILL?

    It is very common for overseas investors to make the huge mistake of thinking that their ‘WILL’ in their own country covers any investment or cash in Cyprus.

    There are different laws to follow depending where you permanently reside and even so, any immovable assets in Cyprus are automatically covered under the Cyprus Jurisdiction.

    With many years experience within the areas of Probate Law, we can protect your life savings and your loved ones. It is vital that you make your Cyprus WILL as soon as possible.

    Contact us for a consultation with our experienced members of staff regarding your Cyprus WILL, where we can advise and assist you in all areas of probate law.

  49. 49
    How to Sign my Contract of Sale in Cyprus?

    How to Sign my Proerty Contract of Sale in Cyprus?

    It is mandatory for you to appoint a Cypriot Lawyer when purchasing land or property in Cyprus.

    Your Cypriot lawyer will go through your contract of sale with a fine tooth comb and leave no stone unturned.

    Your lawyer will make sure your contract of sale is in your favour and fully protects you and your investment to the maximum.

    Your Cypriot lawyer will not let you sign any agreement until it is perfect for you!

    Once you and your lawyer are happy with the contract and all documents have been signed, you are fully protected and the developer must deliver your investment in accordance with all details stipulated within the signed contract of sale.

    This relates to you the purchaser also. All your obligations must be fulfilled in accordance with the Contract of sale.

    Now you/purchaser and the developer/seller are legally bound by the Contract of Sale!

    Contact our expert property law department for all your property investment requirements.

    Please do not sign any documents without your Cypriot lawyer present.

  50. 50
    How to Sign my Will in Cyprus?

    Although your Cyprus Will is very important, unfortunately you must be present at your Cyprus lawyers to sign.

    It would be fantastic if there was another way of achieving this but there is not.

    Your signature must be witnessed by 2 members of staff who will also sign your Will. If it is not witnessed the Will is void.

    Your signature must also be signed over 2 EU stamps which must be shown exactly to you. If the signature is not exact it will be deemed void hence the whole Will is void. The stamps cost €17 plus each and if not signed correctly can work out very expensive.

    Therefore a visit to your Cyprus Lawyer is we have to say mandatory.

    However, it is more than worth the knowledge that your assets are safe and secure.

    Our probate department will put you entirely at ease and guide you through every step of making your Cyprus Will.

    Do not put off this vital matter, it is one of the most important steps you will take after making your Cyprus investment.

  51. 51
    How to transfer utility bills in Cyprus?

    How to transfer utility bills into our name if we are not in Cyprus?

    So you have brought your Cyprus property and now you would like to carry out the procedure of transferring the utility bills in to your name. This can be a problem if you are not visiting Cyprus for a while, as you must be present at the relevant authorities to transfer the bills.

    To make life easier for you we do offer this service! Once you have signed the relevant documents we can go to the authorities on your behalf and transfer the bills in to your name.

    We are here to protect you and make your Cyprus property purchase safe and easy!

    It is amazing how many people forget about this service or put it off until later and find themselves sitting in the dark.

    Contact us today and get the ball rolling so you can sit in your new home with the comfort of water and electric.

  52. 52
    How to visit Cyprus for an Inspection Trip?

    Cyprus Inspection Trip

    Need help, to visit Cyprus for an Inspection Trip?

    Inspection trips do not always go according to plan. Some companies offer inspection trips that lets face it leave a lot to be desired.

    We can advise you having many years experience with all Cyprus agents and developers and major feedback from our extensive portfolio of overseas clients, who we feel are of a reputable calibre when it comes to inspection trips.

    We want you to have a memorable trip to Cyprus and enjoy every minute of your stay and we will go that extra step to make sure that happens.

  53. 53
    What are the Cyprus Solicitors Fees?

    What are the Cyprus Solicitors Fees when purchasing property

    Most solicitors’ fees are 1% + VAT + Out of pocket expenses. For properties under €170,000 the usual fee is €1,700 + VAT + Out of pocket expenses.

    It is always good to buy a company retainer if the lawyer offers this service as this covers you for many different services, such as the Cyprus Will for example.

    The Retainer also protects you should any problems arise regarding your investment.

    Your lawyer must always be independent, trustworthy and have no connection to the developer. Your lawyer must not gain from you choosing a specific developer.

    We specialize in property law and our clients’ best interests are all that concerns us.

    If you feel your lawyer is not working in your best interest you are free at any time to consult with another lawyer of your choosing.

    We have one of the best property law departments in Cyprus and our knowledge is limitless. Contact our office today for any property query you may have.

    We are always at your service!

  54. 54
    What happens if I don’t have a will in Cyprus?

    How To Cyprus Will – What happens if I don’t have a will in Cyprus?

    This is a very important issue to consider if you have not already made your Cyprus Will.

    Unlike in the UK your assets and life savings are not automatically passed to your spouse or next of kin.

    The Cyprus Law is slightly different with regards to probate matters.

    Under Cyprus Law, only 25% will be passed to your spouse and the remaining 75% is passed to your children or your immediate family in equal shares.

    If you are resident in Cyprus this will also account for any cash you have outside of Cyprus.

    So, as you can see it is very important that you consult with your Cyprus Lawyer regarding your Cyprus Will.

  55. 55
    Yellow Slip in Cyprus, Does this expire?

    How to apply for my Yellow Slip in Cyprus – Does this expire?

    You have decided to move to our beautiful sunny island of Cyprus and as an EU citizen we advise that you apply for your Yellow Slip which we have already covered.

    The law has now changed and once you have your Yellow Slip we are happy to say that your Yellow Slip is for life. There is no Expiry date.

    Once you have your Yellow Slip you can then go ahead and apply for your Medical card and Identity card.

    We advise that you apply for your Yellow slip in order for you to enjoy the full benefits Cyprus has to offer, without the Yellow Slip certain benefits are not available to you.

    For full details of the benefits available to you and for the Yellow Slip procedure contact our Immigration department where a specialized member of staff will go through all you need to know.

    You are in safe hands and need not worry anymore!