In the centre of the village of Frenaros, you will find the old church of Archangel Michael, just behind the new church. The church is dated way back to the 12th century.  The church was built during the Frankish period as it is indicated on the inauguration stone on the north wall. The church was used as a Catholic church. In 1873 a new entrance was opened on the north wall along with new openings on the propyleon.

The walls were built of curved sandy stone (porolithos) filled up with lime mud. The dome and the roof are without tiles and both sides are finished with lime mud. The whole masonry is very nice and it is believed that the church was built by stone builders’ specialists. The new church of Archangel Michael was built in 1969 with a capacity of accommodating between 200 and 250 believers. Furthermore, in the new church of Archangel Michael, there is an icon dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Saydnaya, Byzantine in art, which dates from the 14th century.

This icon is known in Cyprus as “Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Hunting”. The existence of this icon in Cyprus indicates that the Virgin Mary of Saydnaya in Syria was once famous on the island, which means that in the past many Cypriot pilgrims would have had travelled to the well known not only to Christians but also Muslims Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Saydnaya in Syria. At the bottom end of this huge icon in Frenaros, three persons are depicted who are the donors and they probably ordered the icon after some miracle was made to them by the Virgin Mary of Saydnaya during a pilgrimage to the monastery in Syria.

An important religious festival is held to honour Archangelos Michael annually on September 06 (Feast of Archangelos Michael), where visitors are welcome to join in the traditional festivities, which include stalls, entertainment and local food and drink.