Commercial Law Cyprus and Business Law

Commercial Law Cyprus for all your business solutions

Here’s what commercial law Cyprus this is all about. How businesses conduct themselves and business transactions. Also, sales of consumer goods, as well as hiring practices and manufacturing is just a few areas to mention.

It’s simple, commercial law Cyprus covers a very broad range of business sectors. Is ranging from big corporate companies to small consumer matters.

Here’s the secret, No issue is too big or too small for our expert legal representatives.

Commercial & Business agreements.
Regulations & Licensing.
Investments & Business.
Sales & purchasing.
Shareholder agreements.
Shared assets.
Finance Documents.
New Ventures & Joint Ventures.
Company & Directive Compliance.
Due Diligence.

So let me ask you, after reading this don’t you feel like you need to know more?

Commercial Law Cyprus – Everything you need to know

cypus law commercial kouzalis lawyers cyprus firmFirstly, let’s say a few thinks about Commercial law in Cyprus. Is an area of ​​private law. They are 2 main categories. National and International Commercial Law and they are closely related. It includes the laws relating to traders and commercial transactions. Also, is including the rules, provisions and principles that are setting the legal aspects of exchanges and commercial relations. The purpose of commercial law in Cyprus is to raise trade but also to protect traders and their partners.

Whats is Commerce in Cyprus law

When we talk about commerce, we talk about the processes for financial gain. These processes involve risky speculative mediation in the circulation of goods. Besides, when we talk about a trader, we refer to a person who is dealing with commercial activities. Also, the trader is trade with the rules of Commercial law in Cyprus or other areas. Commercial law analyzes subjects such as competition and commercial companies. Also, bankruptcy, securities, stock exchange, banks, commercial contracts, etc. Finally, commercial law extents in industrial property rights.

Commercial law categories:

  1. General Part law that is the law of commercial transactions and traders.
  2. Corporate law that is about companies.
  3. Securities law.
  4. Bankruptcy and Business law.
  5. Insurance laws.
  6. Law of Commercial Contracts that they don’t have legislative autonomy.
  7. The maritime law.
  8. Transport law.

Commercial law consists of the rules of the common law. Also, commercial law sources are law, international conventions, commercial custom, and commercial practices. Besides, it has particularities, which make it a special area of ​​private law. Some of these particularities are the increased protection of the third party. The satisfaction of lenders in the event of commercial insolvency. However, today there is a tendency for international uniformity through the adoption of common contractual frameworks or clauses. That is lead to the collapse of the applicable legal regimes in the same type of transactions.

Commercial lawyer services

G Kouzalis LLC law firm, suggests the use of lawyer services in commercial transactions. You have to use it for the protection of the parties and the transactions. Engaging a lawyer in transactions is more effective than engaging him after disputes and problems. Lawyers role in commercial relations is not only to protect his client’s interests. The lawyer is also ensuring that the transaction is fair. This will limit the chances of litigation between the 2 parts.

Cyprus lawyers that are interesting in commercial law must know a very important thing.  A lawyer that is dealing with commercial law in Cyprus must be in trader’s and business man‘s place anytime. Also, rather than the legal interest of his client, has to focus on his commercial interest as well.