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company law cyprus lawyers g kouzalis llcCyprus has become a full member of the European Union since 1st May 2004. Therefore in the Cyprus company law, Cyprus companies do not consider as offshore. If you want to form a company in Cyprus you need a founding document and articles of association. The document and articles defining the activities the company can deal with. Also, defines how it will regulate its internal affairs.

First of all, let’s say some stuff about the share fund you need. These procedures are under Cyprus company law. If you want to form a company in Cyprus there is no limitation of share fund. There is no legal regulation about that. Of course, you have to pay a capital duty of 0.6%  to the Government. This is a fund you pay upon the registration of the company. Also, you have to pay a subsequent increase of any amount of the Nominal Fund.

What about the Shareholders of a Company in Cyprus?

Under the Cyprus company law, limited liability companies must have at least one shareholder. But what happens if you want anonymity? If you want there is a way for the shareholders to stay anonymous. The shares can hold by a company that acts as a trustee of the owners’ shares. Also, there is no need to disclose their true identity. Also to disclose the identity of the shareholders, the Cyprus Court must approve the disclose.

Forming a company and Taxes

This is an excellent step to save taxes. Cyprus has one of the lowest taxation policies in the EU. In addition to that, Cyprus is a very strong and vibrant business centre. Cyprus is growing at an accelerated pace. Probably, it is important to consult legal advice before setting up your company. Furthermore, you are fully aware of the requirements and procedures under the Cyprus company law. Look no further for a full package to “Getting Start Guide”.  Also, the guides will help you through the setup and successful running of your business.

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