Cyprus Contract Law

Cyprus Contract Law – Buying & Selling Rights

Acknowledge your rights for a safe transaction!

Let’s start at the beginning, once a person has made an offer to sell a product or service and an acceptance has been made by the buyer a contract has been formed.

And now you can, form a contract as foreseen in Cyprus Contract Law by way of:

But first a warning, a contract as foreseen in Cyprus Contract Law can only be made by a person providing they are of sound mind and of legal age.

Consider this fact, forming a contract as foreseen in Cyprus Contract Law with a company however, can be a little different as company directors are governed by their own set of regulations known as Memorandum of Association, and therefore any contracts formed must be within their company limitations for the contract to be considered legal.

Surprisingly, breaches of contract as foreseen in Cyprus Contract Law occur more often than not and ranges from any product or service large or small. It makes no difference if it is a new dress or a new house.

Don’t delay, if you are buyer or a seller of any product or service and you believe a breach of contract has occurred contact our office immediately where a member of staff specializing in this area of law is available to help you