Cyprus Intellectual Property Law

Cyprus Intellectual Property Law – Protect Yourself

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Surprisingly enough, this law became common practice in the late 20th century. Intellectual property means an object or entity created by ones own mind.

Imagine, you paint a picture and you do not want anybody to copy the picture or you think of a name for your business that you do not want any other person to use. Under the Intellectual Property Law these creations can now be protected.

You should be aware that many intangible assets are covered under the Intellectual Property Law such as, Musical creations, art, inventions, literary and many more.

Registration/Management/Infringement of Patent
Copy Right Designs & Trade Marks
Contracts of Insurance
Competition & Restrictions
Sponsorship & Franchising
It is also important to remember that our specialized Lawyers can assist you in registering your trademark, Patents, Designs and Copy Right Protection, ensuring your Intellectual Property is fully protected to the full extent of the Law.

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