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Let’s take a closer look, this area of law covers a vast range of disputes varying from, Criminal, Family, Company and Commercial to Personal Injury and Property disputes.

Fact is, if a dispute arises either Civil or Criminal, and can not be solved by Arbitration or Mediation then Litigation (Lawsuit) will prevail.

That’s right, arbitration is a type of hearing that reaches a remedy to an issue that is solved outside the courts. The remedies are both legally binding and can also be non-legally binding by both parties. Mediation which is also a type of non-judicial remedy seeking area can also be sought for these disputes.

So the bottom line is, if an agreement cannot be reached by both parties then litigation (Lawsuit) will determine the out come. The case will be heard by a Judge or Jury in a court of Law.

Personal Injury
Property Litigation
Insolvency Litigation
Company and Commercial
Administrative and Public Law
Asset Recovery and Business Fraud
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