Cyprus Title Deeds

Cyprus Title Deeds – Doing it the right way!

Guaranteeing Your Investment
Believe me, it is imperative when buying a property in Cyprus to appoint a local independent lawyer prior to signing any contracts or depositing any funds.

In short, Title Deeds are the legal document that is transferred to you stating that you are the rightful and legal owner of the property you have purchased.

Here’s the scary part, It has been known for investors to leave this in the hands of the developers. We can not stress how important it is that your Cypriot Lawyer conducts this process for you, in order for all legal requirements to be fulfilled correctly.

conduct all necessary searches
full due diligence
prepare and execute in a court any title deed matters
What’s this all worth to you, you receive your title deeds, hence a safe investment with no hidden surprises or expenses.
There’s just one more thing, if you require this service for your Cyprus Title Deeds or you already have a pending case/issue do not delay in contacting us. Our staff has vast experience and knowledge in this area and can help with any issue you may have.

Join us in our fight for Cyprus Title Deeds!