Law of Tort

Law of Tort – Duty of care is everyone’s obligation

Has somebody else’s negligence caused your personal injury?

Law of Tort

Let me explain, every person has a legal duty of care to their neighbor. If you partake in an action that causes physical harm or financial loss to another being of which could have been avoided, this means you have not fulfilled your legal duty of care and the injured party can claim for loss or damages.

So what does all this mean? Every individual has rights! Every individual has a legal obligation to take reasonable care in the avoidance of harm or loss to others! Remedies for such cases can be sought in the Civil Courts rather than the state criminal courts.

Intentional Law of Tort

What this means is, an individual has purposely set out to physically harm another person or purposely cause them financial loss. In this case the remedy for this may also consist of a court injunction for the person to stay away from the victim in order to protect them from being harmed again.

So let me summarize and review about Law of Tort, Whether physical or financial, if you feel a legal duty of care has been breached against you or on the contrary, allegations have been brought against you, or maybe you have a pending case it’s time to consult the experts.

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