G KOUZALIS LLC, an international law firm based in Cyprus, would like to inform you that the number of bathing waters in Europe increases yearly, with approximately two-thirds of bathing sites located on the seacoasts of Europe (22,295 bathing sites were recorded in 2019).

Across Europe, the minimum water standards were met at 95% of all sites (These conditions are monitored by the Bathing Water Directive {EU 2006} and the increase in high levels of good quality sites is due to large investments in urban wastewater treatment plans and wastewater networks.). The quality of coastal sites tends to be better than that of inland bathing sites.

The European Environment Agency announced its list of cleanest bathing waters on June 8th and Cyprus was ranked Number 1 in the top 5 European Countries with an amazing score of 99.1% of its bathing waters rated as excellent. (The top five European Countries were: Cyprus, Austria, Malta, Greece and Croatia).

As European countries begin lifting restrictions and we emerge from the coronavirus epidemic, a lot of tourists are looking at booking a vacation. In this instance, Cyprus is the ideal location for your holiday, with its excellent bathing sites, warm climate, and fantastic hospitality for you and your family.

Furthermore, we can confirm that Cyprus had a total of less than 1000 coronavirus cases, due to the strict and stringent measures the government of the Republic Of Cyprus took in protecting its citizens.

With the gradual and structured reduction of the lockdown measures, there are numerous health measures in place, which are being strictly enforced to protect all citizens and tourists against the potential threat of Covid-19.

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