Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and Sardinia) and has much to offer when looking for overseas property. Many will spend a considerable part of the year on this sunny island while others buy a property to invest, and additionally having a place to stay during the holidays.

Recently the Island has evolved into an ideal place for business and holidays. This is a result of a pleasant tax climate combined with the natural beauty of the island itself. This combination has turned Cyprus into a very popular destination for buying a property.

When looking at the current Cypriot property, sales investment property is by far the most popular. The ‘buy to let’ construction offers good possibilities, especially when working together with specialised companies who offer a complete package. This often includes the actual sale, the renting out the property when you are not on Cyprus, and the taking care of multiple rental-related services. Often you can even choose for several maintenance services.

The ‘buy to let’ structure is an increasingly popular way of buying and/or financing your Cypriot property. In many cases, people spend their holidays at their property in Cyprus and rent it out when they are working back home. Additionally, due to the various tax advantages in Cyprus, many property buyers establish a positive cash flow from the Cypriot property.