Casual Friday

Casual Friday according to Oxford Dictionary is determined to be: “Friday as a designated day of the week when organizations allow employees to dress more casually than on other weekdays.”

The trend originated from Hawaii’s midcentury custom of Aloha Friday which slowly spread to California, continuing around the globe until the 1990s when it became known as Casual Friday. The occasion has its roots in 1940s Hawaii, when the city of Honolulu allowed workers to wear their Aloha shirts for part of the year

On the mainland USA, the idea for a “casual Friday” had been pioneered at Hewlett-Packard, in the 1950s. But it gained force as a cultural phenomenon in the early 1990s—a response not to a warm climate, but to a cooling economy

At G KOUZALIS LLC the last Friday of every month is casual Friday, on this day if you visit us, you may see us wearing much more relaxed and comfortable clothes and shoes; jeans and sneakers for examples.