G.Kouzalis LLC notes that Cyprus is a well-established international business centre since the structure of a Cyprus company is very simple and straightforward. This reason favours investors seeking to establish companies in Cyprus Law firms.

The company formation procedure in Cyprus under domestic law has a simple and straightforward structure.

The procedure of Cyprus company formation includes the appointment of a Company’s Director. At least one director is required. Directors serve as officers of a company. They decide a company’s structural and organizational changes and manage daily decisions through minutes/resolutions. Directors can be of any nationality. However, to take advantage of Cyprus’s tax treaties for 12.5 per cent corporate tax rate, a company must appoint a Cypriot nominee director.

From time to time, company’s shareholder might want to change its business structure in Cyprus Company and can do so according to the rules and regulations offered by the local legislation through its law firm in Cyprus. This can be achieved under certain circumstances. Foreign and national companies interested in changing their legal entity can be assisted by our lawyers in Cyprus.

This can be achieved by the preparation of a resolution executed by the shareholders of the Company and the submission of the HE4 Form to the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus through the Lawyer in Cyprus.

The Registrar of Companies upon its review and approval, the Certificate of Directors and Secretary will be issued with the new officers appointed. The respective certificate of Directors and Secretary is an official document that provides the name, address, nationality and date of the issuance of the Certificate of Directors and Secretary.