KOUZALIS LLC would like to inform you that the following amendments have been approved by the Council of Ministers and will take effect from 2/5/2023 in regards to the fast track residency program under category 6.2.

  • Main Applicant’s income from abroad should be minimum €50,000 plus €15,000 for his/her spouse plus €10,000 per minor dependent.
  • The above income should be proved only through a tax declaration from the country of income origin.
  • The police certificates should be from the country of residence and the country of origin of the applicants.
  • Applicants and family members should provide medical insurance which cover in hospital and out of hospital care including repatriation of corpse in Cyprus.
  • In case number of the bedrooms of the investment property are not subject to the needs of the family (as per the number of family members, i.e. 5 family members in a two bedroom property), the applicant should also provide evidence for another residence for his family members
  • Upon submission of application the minimum amount of €300,000 plus vat should be paid to the Developer.
  • Parents and in-laws of the applicant are not eligible to apply (without investing), through separate applications for residency.
  • Issued residency cards of adults (applicant, wife and student children) have no expiry date but they must be renewed every 10 years. Issued residency cards of minor children are valid until they turned 18 years old.

For more information you can contact G. KOUZALIS LLC.