Citizenship to Highly Qualified Foreign Specialists

In a pivotal session on Thursday, November 30, 2023, the Cyprus Parliament decisively endorsed the “Law on Granting Citizenship to Highly Qualified Foreign Specialists” — a transformative legal development.

This groundbreaking legislation signifies a paradigm shift for professionals from third countries, now eligible to secure Cypriot citizenship in a streamlined timeframe of 4-5 years (dependent on their mastery of the Greek language), a notable reduction from the previous 7-year requirement.

For foreign specialists navigating the naturalization process, adherence to stringent criteria is imperative:

  1. Residency: An unequivocal stipulation mandates lawful and uninterrupted residency in the Republic of Cyprus for the preceding 12 months before filing the naturalization application, albeit with potential exceptions.
  2. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the Greek language becomes a pivotal factor. Those with A2 level proficiency can seek Cypriot citizenship after five years, while individuals at the B1 level can do so after four years. Family members share these privileges. A nuanced understanding is essential, as A2 denotes basic competency for specific situations, while B1 signifies autonomy in ordinary communicative scenarios.
  3. Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must substantiate a clean record, free from international warrants, devoid of imprisonment sentences for any offense within Cyprus or abroad. Entry or exit through unrecognized TRNC territories and any threat to public order and safety of the Republic of Cyprus are disqualifying factors.
  4. Financial Stability: Demonstrating financial stability is paramount, encompassing suitable accommodation and a steady income exceeding 2,500 euros. This includes income from gainful employment or other lawful and stable sources.
  5. Qualifications: High academic and professional qualifications serve as a cornerstone requirement.

Anticipating an expedited review process, the law foresees application processing within a concise timeframe not surpassing four months. This legal framework heralds a new era for foreign specialists seeking Cypriot citizenship, underscoring the nation’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent. For comprehensive legal counsel tailored to your unique circumstances, our firm stands ready to guide you through this transformative legal landscape.

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