The closure of the branches maintained by the Lebanese banks in Cyprus was decided by the Central Bank of the bankrupt country, with the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) taking measures for a long time, so that the Cypriot banking system does not bear costs through a possible of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (SEC) and to safeguard the depositors of the branches.

The banks will close their branches on the island within a period of time that will allow them to wind down operations in an orderly fashion, said the representative, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he’s not allowed to discuss the matter publicly.

He said the shuttering of the branches won’t adversely affect the east Mediterranean island’s economy. Total deposits and loans held by the branches on the island amount to less than 1% of the entire Cypriot banking system’s deposits and loans, and the majority of those belong to non-residents.

The Cyprus Central Bank received no explanation regarding the decision, but the closure may be a bid by Lebanese authorities to pre-empt a potential capital flight amid the country’s ongoing economic chaos.

The central bank reassured clients that all deposits below 100,000 euros were fully guaranteed.


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