Common Excuses / Statements for Not Paying Communal Fees

G Kouzalis LLC is an international lawfirm, who specialize in Cyprus Committees and communal issues.

Our qualified, bilingual staff have extensive training and experience in dealing with Cyprus common issues and we would like to take this opportunity to inform you about some of the statements we have heard, as a law office in Cyprus specializing in Cyprus Property Law, as to why people haven’t paid their communal fees. Why they won’t contribute to the communal fund. Why they think they should be exempt.

Here are some of the most common statements we hear either directly from the owners themselves, or from committees who engage our legal services for communal debt management and fee collection.

  • I live on the ground floor, why do I have to pay for the roof?
  • I don’t use the lift, I live on the ground floor, why should I pay for the lift?
  • I only visit 2 times per year, why should I pay for communal services all year round? I’m only paying for the time I use it!
  • I’m single, I should get a discount on the communal fees!
  • Apartment B99 has tenants all year round using the facilities.. why should I pay for them to benefit?

There are far too many to list, however one thing we will state is, regardless of whether you use the services full time or not, live at the complex or not, regardless of the floor your property is on or whether you use some services or not, ALL owners on common areas are responsible to contribute towards the common expenses of the complex according to their share of ownership.

It doesn’t matter what floor you are on; it doesn’t matter if you use the pool or not, it doesn’t matter if you visit the property 2 times a year or 10, you purchased a property which has common expenses. Common expenses are the responsibility of all owners. the facilities regardless of whether you use them or not are there available for your use.

Whether you visit twice a year or not, the pool is still cleaned a minimum of twice a week in summer and once a week in winter, it isn’t just cleaned for your visit. The lift has to be maintained/ serviced or repaired as required. The electricity has to be paid. The plants watered and pruned. The gardens are maintained. The floors cleaned. The complex has to be insured, plus much more, depending on the services which your complex has.

When you purchase a property on a complex you are obligated under Law to pay your share of communal expenses.

If you have any questions or queries, or need some guidance regarding Cyprus Communal issues, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Committee Team at Your Cyprus Lawyers, G KOUZALIS LLC on or 00 357 23811788. We look forward to hearing from you and remain at your disposal.