G KOUZALIS LLC, International law firm situated in Cyprus works with a vast number of committees throughout the Island of Cyprus.

We are assisting committees in Cyprus, legally forming their committee, assisting them with their AGMS (annual general meetings), legal queries and of course, recovering legal fees from nonpaying owners through both court action and non-court action both in Cyprus and Abroad. We also are assisting committees completing their projects, where the Cypriot Developer has not completed the construction of the green areas / roads etc, in order that owners will be able to receive their Cyprus title deeds.

In one specific project in the Larnaca district we have successfully coordinated with the committee, the Cypriot developer and the local municipality in order to complete the roads, pavements and green areas so as to get the title deeds.

This has been a time-consuming but gratifying project. Every owner has been asked to contribute to a specific fund of which all the funds have contributed to the completion of the site in order that each individual owner will be able to obtain their Cyprus title deeds. All funds have been collected and administered through our office in a specific independent account. The money has been used to renew the appropriate permits, pay for the construction of the roads, pavements and green areas.

We are now at the stage of waiting on the certificate of final approval from the local authorities. Once this is received we will proceed for the horizontal separation of the plot and then the owners will be able to receive their Cyprus title deeds!

We are working with other committees on projects with similar problems with their developments / developer and if you would like to know how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us.

Giovanis Kouzalis has extensive experience in the construction field, as he is the son of a developer.