As we all know, during this current health epidemic, many of us are working from home, many are self-isolating, many are under a lock down of some description whether this is because of preexisting health issues, or the lock down has been imposed on us by our government, for many of us this has become a lonely time. But perhaps this is a time when we can reflect. When we can re-assess, when we can learn.

You only have to watch the news to see the horrors which this epidemic has created, in so many walks of our lives. Entire countries are locked down, with citizens unable to return home, or being repatriated on emergency flights, people are being placed in isolation having testing positive for this deadly disease or because they have come into contact with a sufferer and do not want to pass this on to loved ones.

Now with all the sadness that this virus has caused, perhaps we now need to consider and reflect on our lives. Reflect on how since the lockdown, the earth is repairing itself (take the canals in Venice, the level of greenhouse gases being emitted), families are reconnecting; feuds and quarrels are being put to one side. Should it really take a global epidemic for us to realize we put far too much value on trivial things and we do not consider the wonder of the beauty of our lives.

Yes, we may not have EVERYTHING we WANT, but what do we have? We have the love of our families, we have the friendships we have made, and we have our health. Isn’t it time, that we start giving….. so whilst you are at home, possibly complaining you cannot go out, cannot go to the pub, or out to a restaurant for dinner, just remember there are people fighting for their lives in hospitals, people putting their lives at risk (doctors / nurses / surgeons), there are people who would give everything for YOUR LIFE. Consider calling your loved ones, mending that bridge with the friend you fell out with…. Fixing that rift.

It is never too late…. Mother earth has shown us this…..

Perhaps when this is over, people will reassess their values, re-consider what they have and have taken for granted in recent times. I personally will remember how, on this small tiny island of Cyprus, people have behaved in such a positive and friendly way. Helping their neighbors with shopping. Sharing tips on how to entertain their kids. Not panic buying in the supermarkets, so EVERYONE can eat, the bosses taking care of their staff, putting their staff’s needs first BEFORE earning money.

I hope that after this is all over, we will ALL be BETTER people. We will be more considerate, more kind, more loving and more giving, but mostly, I hope that we remember this time… we remember how we all rallied together, how we all gave and helped and I hope this continues….