COVID Health Suggestions by the Cyprus Ministry of Health

Cyprus Lawyers, G. Kouzalis LLC, would like to wish you a Happy New Year filled with health and happiness. Recently there has been an outbreak of COVID 19 so we want to share essential health preventative measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

As the Covid-19 pandemic we are experiencing is creating difficulties for the whole world, we are all faced with many life events that we have to comply with and adapt to within the flow of our own lives in all areas the smallest level. There are many important or insignificant changes occurring within the flow of our lives, personally and professionally/socially, with or without our control, and each change forces us to adapt to it.

  • Mask Usage Recommendation: It is recommended that all of us wear a mask in enclosed areas such as day-centres, nursing facilities, outpatient and closed structures.(technically any area that is fully enclosed with doors and windows)
  • Isolation for Vulnerable Individuals: For those who belong to vulnerable groups it would be better to keep your distance from people who are sick or if you are sick would be better to stay at home and isolated for at least 24 hours, even with a negative test result to avoid spreading diseases. This also applies to those who do not belong to vulnerable groups.
  • Keep a distance: At least 2 meters from colleagues, visitors/clients or other employees visiting your workplace.
  • Avoid any physical contact: Such as shaking hands, hugging and kissing, with colleagues, visitors/clients or other individuals visiting your workplace to protect yourself.
  • Avoid or limit: As much as possible, conferences, meetings, and generally assemblies with colleagues or other employees visiting your workplace even with close friends and associates. Any meetings that cannot be avoided should be as short as possible.
  • Keep the rule of: One person per 8 m² of clear internal space in public serving areas.
  • Positive test: In case of a positive test, please stay at home for at least 5 days and inform your workplace and close friends/associates that you deal with.

In conclusion, all of us need to understand the importance of all these measures to prevent the spread of the virus, protect ourselves and our fellow human beings. So each one of us must be aware of all of these matters and contribute actively to this whole effort. Even If you don’t believe in this COVID-19 pandemic please respect the people that believe and protect the people that may suffer because of any Flue and or Covid symptoms you may transfer to them.