Cyprus Citizenship Due to Years of Residency Law Amendment

Cyprus lawyers G. KOUZALIS LLC informs you that there are some Governmental policy amendments to the Cyprus Citizenship, due to years of residency, program. Further to these developments, the Cyprus Ministry of Interior has decided to proceed with the following changes:

To apply for Cyprus citizenship based on years of residence, applicants should:

  • Complete a period of stay in Cyprus equivalent to 8 calendar years within the 11 years before the submission of an application.
  • Reside in Cyprus for 12 months before submitting their application (with an allowance for absence of up to 90 days). {We do recommend to avoid any unnecessary trips if possible}
  • Be a clean criminal record Holders.
  • Have not entered or left Cyprus from the airports and ports of the occupied areas by Turkey.
  • Be a Holder of a B1 Greek language certificate.
  • Have basic knowledge of the country’s political and social landscape.
  • The applications will be examined on a case by case basis after enhanced due-diligence is executed by authorities.


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