Cyprus is a Mediterranean island in which the Mediterranean Diet prevails. Cyprus is not only famous for the beautiful beaches but also for the Mediterranean tasty cuisine.

One of the most famous traditional foods of Cyprus, is certainly the white cheese named Halloumi. The Greek word “almi” which means salty water gave the name halloumi to this amazingly tasteful white cheese.

Halloumi is internationally recognized as an original product originated in Cyprus. The history of halloumi cheese goes back centuries. It was always a ‘must” product on Cypriots’ tables. There are several reports which prove that Halloumi was produced in the area for centuries.

Although, nowadays the production of Halloumi belongs mostly to the dairy companies, in some villages of Cyprus they still offer you a traditional and authentic taste of homemade halloumi.

Halloumi is not just a product for Cyprus. It is a cultural symbol and one of the most important heritages we inherited from our ancestors.