Dogs License Law

Cyprus Lawyers, G. Kouzalis LLC, would like to inform about the Dogs License Law.

No person may possess a dog unless he has the relevant possession permit issued by the competent authority of the community. The ownership permit is issued after the submission of a relevant application and the presentation of the Certificate or health book issued by a registered veterinarian, a certificate of registration and permanent marking by the Director, and proof of payment by its owner.

The possession permit is valid for one year from the date of issue and the owner is obliged to renew it every year after presenting a health certificate or health booklet issued by a registered veterinarian fifteen days before the expiry of the existing permit and paying the prescribed fees. Breeders and blind people who own dogs are exempt from paying any fee.

The competent authority must maintain a register of dog owners which includes the name, identity, address, telephone number and occupation of each person granted a possession permit, as well as the registration number of the dog with all its other details.

A dog in the possession of any person ceases to be in the possession of such person when it is sold or given to another person. The license may, upon joint application of the holder and the new holder, be transferred from the former to the latter for the remaining period of its validity.

The dog owner must notify the relevant authority of the death of their dog, by responsible declaration or produce a death certificate from a registered veterinarian. The competent authority immediately informs the Director and the police of the death of his dog and the Director informs the Register maintained accordingly. It is further provided that, in the event of a false statement by the owner, he shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine or imprisonment or both.

In case the dog is lost, the owner must report it to the competent authority. The possession permit in such a case is canceled after six months, unless the loss is due to theft which is confirmed after an investigation by the Police.

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