Pre-Primary School

Children must attend pre-primary school for one year before attending primary school.

The three types of pre-primary schools in Cyprus are the public kindergarten, the community kindergarten and the private kindergarten. All three types are approved and regulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Primary School

Education is obligatory for children who have reached the age of 5 years and eight months on 1st September.

When the six years of primary school are completed, the student receives a completion certificate which is used for registration at the secondary school.

Secondary School

Secondary education starts at the age of 12 and continues to the age of 18.

Secondary education from 12 to 15 is known as Gymnasium and from 15 to 18 is known as Lyceum.

After the completion of the Secondary School, the students can choose to participate in the national exams for a position at the Cyprus or Greece universities or register themselves in a private college or university in Cyprus or abroad.

Cyprus residents can enrol their children in the Cyprus educational system provided that they have obtained the relevant Cyprus residency certificates. Cyprus Lawyers are the service providers who can deal and help with the residency procedures to be able to register a child at a Cyprus school.