Electric Collar for Dogs Law

Cyprus Lawyers, G. Kouzalis LLC, would like to inform you that the life of a dog wearing an electric collar is in danger. What does the law provide?

The dog was rescued by volunteers, whose life was in danger and was found to be wearing an electric collar.

The Animal Action Group of the Environmental Movement and Citizens’ Partnership considers it imperative to completely ban the use of electric collars.

The coordinator of the Action Group for Animals of the Movement, Mrs. Anthi Mouzouri, in her statements on the matter, emphasized that “the protection and welfare law is clear. It is forbidden to cause your dog unnecessary pain and suffering. Since unnecessary pain is prohibited by law, their use should not be allowed.

Unfortunately, the ban on the use of the electric collar is not universal since it is allowed to be used by a special trainer for the purposes of training and controlling the dog’s behavior. It operates using a battery and emits a pulsed electrical signal to the dog’s collar. With the use of this provision, electric collars are available on the market which are often used for completely inappropriate reasons, such as restraining barking. It must be made clear that the use of an electric collar to restrain barking is an illegal and criminal act.

Love is not described in words and animals taught us that!

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