Employing a management company to run Cypriot Complex advice by your Cyprus Lawyers G. Kouzalis LLC.

Many Cypriot Committees (the management committee which manages the complex which properties are on) opt to engage a management company to maintain the complex.

This is often done, as the management company provides a one-stop-shop to the Cypriot Committee, (where often members are not all in Cyprus, don’t live on the complex and/or don’t have the time to dedicate to running the complex)

The management company which any Cypriot committee engages should have the minimum of:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Be registered with the appropriate authorities for VAT and Social Security
  • Be certified to provide pool cleaning and hold the appropriate qualifications.
  • Have adequate staff to provide the services which you require.
  • Have extensive experience in the market.

Prior to engaging a management company to maintain the complex, all Cypriot Committees should contact a minimum of 3 service providers in order to provide a quotation for the services which the complex needs:

  • Complex cleaning (during winter and summer months)
  • Lift maintenance (if required)
  • Utility bill payment (water and electricity)
  • Pool cleaning (if required)
  • Gardening (if required)
  • Collection of maintenance fees from the owners
  • Obtaining quotes for communal insurance (if required)

Once the Cypriot Committee has decided on a maintenance provider they need to review the contract and terms which the maintenance provider will contract them to.  If you need assistance with this, your Cypriot Lawyer can assist you.

Once the agreement is in place, the Cypriot Committee should provide to the management committee the information which they need to do their job:

  • Owners name
  • Owner telephone
  • Owner address
  • Owner email
  • Owner unit number
  • Owner unit square meters
  • Developer information in order to obtain any information as required.

Sometimes disagreements occur between the committee and the management committee, these can often be resolved easily with a short discussion however your Cypriot Lawyer can assist where you need them.