Essential services at a Communal complex, by your property specialists in Cyprus, G. Kouzalis LLC.

On every communal project, there are services which are deemed essential and services which are not essential.

The committee on your complex in Cyprus must ensure that the essential services are operational, and the non-essential services are available if possible.

In the event that an essential service is neglected, this can cause serious issues for owners, and the committee in the event of a serious incident.

Essential services are deemed:

  • Electric – for communal lights
  • Water
  • Lifts (if applicable, though recent years EU laws require lifts for all projects)

Services which without could pose a health or safety issue to owners, tenants and visitors at the complex.

Non-essential services are deemed:

  • Communal playgrounds
  • Communal pools
  • Communal gardens
  • Communal tennis gardens

Basically any service which without a person can survive.

It is vital that the committee prioritizes their funds to ensure that the essential services are always funded and the non-essential services are funded where finances allow.