The support Program includes the following:

A parent with a salary of up to € 2,500: 60% allowance on the first € 1,000 of the salary and 40% on the next € 1,000.For single parents, the percentage of the benefit is 70% on the first €1000 of the salary and 50% on the next €1000.

The benefit will be given to one of the two parents for childcare provided that the nature of business they are working for does not allow work from home. In the event that one parent is working or receiving a benefit for unemployment or participating in a Business Suspension Plan and the other is not, the parent who works is not eligible to apply except if the one who is not working has been infected with the corona virus or he/she is hospitalized or he/she is a disabled person or self-quarantined. The special period will be considered as an insurable period.

Work Suspension Plan. This plan is for Businesses which suspended their operations and businesses which keep working but suffer a reduction of more than 25% of their turnover. The aim of this plan is the unemployment allowance to the affected employees who will receive it as long as the business operation is suspended.


• Employees who are part of the vulnerable groups as per criteria announced by the Ministry of Health, and must be absent from work to protect their heath.
• People instructed by the Authorities to quarantine either under medical supervision or under telephone checking who obtained a certificate by the Ministry of Health.
• Restricted Persons below 63 years old and not over 65, who do not get pension and continue to work who hold a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.

Extension for submission of application for lower contributions to social security to self-employees for one month (until 30 April 2020)

Postponement for two months of the increased GESY contributions planned initially for 31/3/2020 by employers, employees and the state.

Suspension of the obligation to pay VAT, for two months: For companies whose turnover was less than € 1m according to VAT 2019 declarations and companies which faced a reduction of their turnover (more than 25%). Arrangements can be made for settlement of debts until 11th of November 2020.

VAT to be reduced from 19% to 17% for two months and from 9% to 7% for a three and a half months.
New deadline for submission of tax returns to be 31/05/2020 instead of 31/03/2020.

Support for Tourism Sector. € 11 million for actions which will attract tourists.

We at the G. Kouzalis LLC international team, support the measures of the government and mostly all the people behind the scenes. Mostly the medical people, stuff and volunteers who put their lives at risk to make us all safe. WE STAY AT HOME.