G.Kouzalis LLC informs that GHS (GESY) is the health insurance system of Cyprus.

Although the initial legislation was passed in 2001, the system was voted by parliament on 16 June 2017 after many negotiations of the Minister of Health and the Doctors’ Councils.

The responsible body of the health system is the Health Insurance Organization. All income earners are obliged to contribute a percentage in the system.

The main scopes of the system are the universal coverage of the population, the equal treatment of beneficiaries, the provision of a comprehensive package of health services and the free choice of provider by the beneficiaries.


A standard procedure should be followed from the Beneficiaries to be registered in the system electronically or by visiting directly the Doctor of their personal choice to complete the procedure together. Non-Cypriots beneficiaries have to use their registration certificates numbers for their registration in the system. In case the beneficiaries are not holders of the said certificates, Cyprus lawyers and/or the immigration department can help them with the procedures to apply firstly for a registration certificate to be able to proceed with their GHS application.