It is very important to know “How can I obtain an EHIC Card when I am a permanent resident in Cyprus?”

Permanent residents living in Cyprus who are registered with GESY can apply to their local citizen’s center for an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). The EHIC card does not replace travel insurance and should not be used as so, it will however entitle the holder to health care provisions in state hospitals to the same standards of the citizens of the EU country they are visiting.

The application form for the EHIC card can be found:



Supporting documents to accompany the application are as follows:

  • Identity Card or birth certificates or E.U. Citizen Registration Certificate or Alien Residence Permit.
  • The “Confirmation of Beneficiary Registration to a Personal Doctor Beneficiary List Form” which is signed by the Beneficiary and the Personal Doctor (PD).


  • The notification titled: «GHS – Αίτημα Εγγραφής σε Προσωπικό Ιατρό / Registration request to Personal Doctor», that received upon the completion of GHS enrolment process. This notification is sent both to the Beneficiary Portal account and to the email account of the user that has submitted the GHS beneficiary enrolment request.