Every owner of a property in Cyprus is liable to pay their Immovable property Tax, which is due and payable each year until the year 2016 to the Tax Office. (If there is more than one owner, each owner is responsible to pay their share of the Immovable Property taxes, which are divided equally between the number of owners).  The Developers were wrongly paying and / or took the burden to pay on your behalf due to the issues with the title deeds until the year 2013, and from 2014 onwards the owners are liable for the Immovable property Tax.

As per article 21(A) of the Immovable property Tax Law {134(I) 2010}, which has been amended, a fine of €100 (One Hundred Euros) will be imposed on owners for each year from the year 2012 if they have not paid their Immovable Property Taxes.

Furthermore if you are ‘trapped buyers’ and you have made a Title Deed application as per the trapped buyers legislation, should your Developer have not paid the Immovable property Tax for the years they were supposed to, you will need to pay your share of these years, in order for the Tax office to provide you with the necessary certificates the Land Registry office will require for the issuance of your Title Deeds.

We should also note that annually there are also Immovable property tax fees payable to the local municipality as well as sewerage fees and you should ensure this are also paid promptly.

Once you have the Title Deeds in your names, you are then able to attend the Tax office and fill in the relevant forms to request funds back for the years the Developer was supposed to pay the Immovable property Tax. Should you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact G KOUZALIS LLC.