We consider it important to point out the correct procedures – instructions of the Ministry of Health – that we must all follow in order to protect our relatives, our partners, our customers and ourselves.

The category of persons who are obliged to be restricted includes those who:

  • They returned from a category C country in the last 14 days, WITH or WITHOUT the presence of symptoms.
  • Evaluated by the tracking team as close contact of a confirmed case.

Home isolation instructions:

  • Ideally, the person should be living alone at home.
  • If this is not possible, the suspected case is isolated in a room, which the other members of the family will not use under any circumstances.
  • Νot allowed to leave the house.
  • Visits are not allowed.
  • If there is a planned trip before the release, it is not allowed. An exception can be made in case the permanent residence is outside Cyprus, always in consultation with the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit for information and instructions.
  • Movement is allowed ONLY in case of emergency medical need and after contacting the Personal Physician or 1420.
  • The isolation period is set at 14 days.
  • Quarantine starts from the last day of contact with the case and not from the day of notification.
  • The contact day is set to day zero and the 14 days start counting from the next day.
  • An official of the Ministry of Health will contact by phone within a few days for information regarding the sampling control, if it is a close contact. Instructions for the place and way of going will be given by phone. From the tracking process, a free test is justified.
  • Even if the result is negative, quarantine still applies in both cases.
  • The quarantine is automatically lifted after 14 days, if and if the result of the sampling test is negative.
  • The Personal Doctor should be informed in case of development of symptoms. The Personal Doctor can then schedule another sampling if deemed necessary.

For general information, call line 1412 (08: 00-20: 00). For any additional instructions and clarifications, contact the Tracking Team (22514241-5)