Investing is for every ambitious person! Guiding and advising is for us! We have vast experience in many sectors, personalized solutions and opportunities in Cyprus, Greece, UK, Malta, Dubai and other countries.
It was about time that we finally went worldwide! Merging our synergies across Cyprus and the whole world brings a lifetime of opportunities for each possible investor. Tailor Made Solutions is an international team with diverse background focusing on:
o Property sector since 1976.
o Accounting, Auditing, Tax Advice since 1980.
o Legal services since 1992.
o Hotel and Tourism sector since 2004.
o Renewable energy since 2010.
o Medical sector since 2012.
o Strategic Advisory since 2015.
o European Practices in third countries since 2019.
All of the above sectors are to choose or combine for any investor, in our unique one stop shop! Have access to essential services under one roof! Invest in properties, hotels, renewable energy and the medical sector, or even get advice in all of the above sectors, or even a unique and “outside the box thinking” strategic plan for you to start your new program or business. Always by respecting the law and regulations, trying to evaluate and analyze based on your plans and needs. Do not worry if you have not decided yet where or how you would like to move. We can propose alternative solutions, and even in the unlikely scenario that we do not offer what you want, we will find it in the blink of an eye.
So it’s your time to discover for your benefit the multiple reasons to invest in Cyprus and the countries mentioned above. Attractive tax advantages, high-quality projects in health care and hospitality, personalized strategic advisory, profitable projects in renewable energy sector and of course all of the legal, accounting, auditing and tax advice for anyone interested to take his life to the next level.