KOUZALIS LLC informs for the announcement of the Ministry of Health regarding the maximum number of people for service in Dining Areas

G.KOUZALIS LLC would like to inform you that due to the very good epidemiological data presented in Cyprus recently, the Ministry of Health as announced on June 30, 2020, has updated the Protocol concerning the operation of dining areas, which was put invalid on July 1, 2020. Specifically, the Revised Protocol amends the following:

  • Despite the fact that the measure for keeping a distance of 3 sq.m. is still valid for interiors and 2 sq.m. for outdoor spaces per person, regardless of the square footage of each premises, the maximum number of persons that can be served with the new decision may not exceed:
  • 100 people for interiors,

e.g. if a property of 450 sq.m. served 150 people based on the observance of 3 sq.m. , with the new Protocol may not exceed 100


  • 200 people outdoors,

e.g. if a property of 600 sq.m. served 300 people based on the observance of 2 sq.m. , with the new Protocol may not exceed 200.


  • The service of the Public is done exclusively in table seats. In the case of bar-operating companies, the direct service of citizens to them is prohibited and they are used only for the preparation of food and drink by the staff of the estate.
  • These regulations apply only to the following categories of catering facilities provided for in the Decree of the Ministry of Health, dated 5 June 2020:
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels and Tourist Accommodation
    • Taverns
    • Cafes
    • Pizzerias
    • Breweries, snack bars and bars
    • Canteen, school catering facilities, sports clubs, cultural groups, clubs, etc.


  • With regard to mass gatherings in public places, such as weddings, baptisms, festivals and any other form of public gathering, the limit still applies:
  • 75 people indoors
  • 150 people outdoors

It is also reminded that the organization and holding of concerts are allowed ONLY in outdoor amphitheatres and not in any other open space (e.g. stadiums), and given that the instructions provided in the Protocol for the operation of outdoor amphitheatres are strictly observed.


The Ministry of Health also clarified that these regulations will be re-evaluated on the basis of epidemiological indicators as they will be formed.


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Stathis Skapoullaros