Due to the current Corona Virus health epidemic, the government of the Republic Of Cyprus has implemented several pieces of legislation with the primary focus on stopping the spread of COVID-19. Currently the Land Registry and Tax departments, as of today have changed the way in which they are operating. Please note, these amendments to how they are working may change again, however we are doing our utmost to keep you up to date as amendments are made.

Both Authorities are only accepting urgent cases. The determination of an Urgent cases is based on the assessment of the land registry / tax office and NOT OUR assessment.

Tax office: when a case is delivered and accepted by the Tax office, it is then set aside for a specified time whereupon after the expiration of this time period, it is then assigned to a staff member to process the case and proceed. Due to the legislation implemented by the President, the tax office is working with a limited number of staff, and cases are taking longer to process than usual.

Land Registry: once again the land registry office are only accepting urgent cases, based upon their criteria. As such, one a case has been accepted a specific appointment is made where all parties must attend.

Due to the above new measures being implemented, cases are taking longer to be processed and finalized. There may be further amendments to operational processes and hours and as such, measures imposed may become stricter. We at G KOUZALIS LLC are working hard on your cases, to push them through, even during these difficult times and measures and we do ask that you understand that delays are beyond our control. We will keep you posted for further changes. We will do our best for you and your families.