Once you have purchased your Cyprus Property, if you decide to relocate to Cyprus, you may be interested in learning Greek, especially if you have young children who will be going to the local schools or you are moving to a village Area. Whilst the majority of people speak English, Learning Greek can be beneficial to you and you are never too old to learn something new…

There are several options available to you:

  1. Private 1-2-1 lessons
  2. State school lessons under the adult education programme.
  3. Groups which meet at various locations throughout Cyprus on a set basis to learn.

People have said Private lessons can be expensive….

Registering for the state school programme is relatively easy. You need to attend your local ‘adult education centre’ {In Paralimni this is at the Paralimni High School}. In order to register you need to take to them your residency paperwork, complete one simple form, pay the appropriate registration fees and then you will start your course in September. (Please note that at present registration for the course is made only during July for the September of the same year and they do not allow you to register after the end of July. This is to ensure they are prepared for the number of students in any given year and can arrange the appropriate number of teachers.)

Your course will run from September until May of the following year and at the end of the course {Sometime in May} you will take a written Greek exam.  When you attend your first class, make sure you take a notebook and some pens, as you will start your learning straight away….. Your teacher will tell you what books you need to order {usually a textbook and an exercise book} and you should make arrangements to obtain them as soon as possible.

Once you have completed your first year, you can progress to move on to subsequent years….

Owning a property in Cyprus and learning Greek will help you integrate more with the local citizens. Cyprus is a wonderful country and it gives soo much…. Why not try and give something back and learn the local language….