With a written announcement of the Ministry of Interior, the Minister stated that the problem of the soil subsidence in the area of Pissouri, which dates from 2012 and which afflicts and endangers the residents of Pissouri, will be resolved.

The preliminary study prepared for the Lakes area of ​​the Community of Pissouri presented before us specific scenarios for the holistic treatment of the problem of subsidence, retreats and soil breaches.

Based primarily on the safety of residents but also the need to stabilize the ground, which continues to move by 8 cm per month the services of the Ministry of Interior, the District Administration of Limassol, the team of technocrats, supported by the expertise of scientists of the Department of Geological Survey of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment concluded in adopting the specific solution.

The solution that was presented today to the Local Authorities of Pissouri and the residents concerns a project exceptional for our country, both for its type and for the size of the intervention.

Specifically, with excavations that in some places reach a depth of up to 39 meters, the soil will be stabilized, while the excavations are complemented by the construction of stilts, the construction of rainwater drainage works and a sewerage system. Expropriations of plots of land will also need to be made, while with the completion of the project there is an intention to build public utility projects for the community such as stadiums and sports facilities.

After the selection of the methodology, the delivery of the final study is expected, which is placed in January 2021, and immediately after that, the tender announcement will follow for this grand project, which is not expected to be completed before the end of 2022.

The cost of the total intervention is expected to exceed 33 million euros.

In the meantime instructions have already been given for the continuation of the periodic inspections of the affected infrastructures and houses, while for security reasons an evacuation plan has been prepared by the Civil Defense.

The rent subsidy plan of the affected residents will also be continued, while any other problems that may arise will be studied.

Despite the difficult economic situation, due to the pandemic, the government is promoting the final solution of a chronic problem in a specific way and budget.

For the government the safety of the country’s residents is paramount regardless of any expense and cost.