When you decide to invest in a Cyprus property or sell your property in Cyprus you do not need to be in Cyprus to sign all the Purchase and/or sale documents needed. A power of attorney can be prepared with all the legal points needed and your representative can be whoever you like.

If you are in Cyprus the Power of Attorney is prepared and must be signed on the presence of a Notary.

If you decide to invest in a Cyprus Property or sell your property in Cyprus whilst you are in your home country, a Power of Attorney will be prepared and sent to you as long as you provide us with a copy of your passport and a copy of your utility bill for proof of address.

For the Power of Attorney to be accepted by the Cyprus Governmental and Non-Governmental Authorities the document must be signed in the presence of ANY EU Embassy or in the presence of a Notary Public and then the documents must be Apostilled.

For more details regarding the Apostille procedure, please contact G.Kouzalis LLC