As per the latest announcement of the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, there is a scheme for partial suspension of business which will work from home for the period 10/01/2021 until 31/01/2021. For three members of staff, the company will take benefits for all of them. For companies with more than 3 persons the benefits are as follows:

Turnover reduction 30%-40% – benefit for the 45% of staff

Turnover reduction 40%-65%-benefits for 65% of staff

Turnover reduction 65%-80%-benefits for 80% of staff

Turnover reduction of over 80%-benefits for 97% of staff

*The turnover reduction is in comparison with January 2020 and January 2021.

It is important to mention that in case the turnover reduction started from 01/01/2021, then the application should be made from 1/1/2021 until 31/01/2021.

The benefit will be calculated on the 60% of the employee’s registered salary.

The Government will contribute social insurance on the 60% they will pay and the Employer will contribute social insurance according to the extra percentage the Employee will work.

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