Powers of Cyprus Management Committee

A Cyprus Management Committee of Apartment Building may Sue and be Sued but does not Act as a Private Prosecutor.

In this article, Cyprus property Lawyers,  G Kouzalis LLC will explain about the powers and the responsibilities of the Cyprus Management Committee.

Legal powers and responsibilities of a Cyprus Management Committee (MC) in the context of jointly owned buildings, possibly within the framework of property law. Based on the statement provided:

Suing and Being Sued: The MC, as a legal entity, if correctly set up only, has the capacity to initiate legal action (sue) or be subject to legal action (sued) in matters concerning the jointly owned building. This implies that the MC can engage in legal proceedings to protect the interests of the owners or address disputes related to the building.

Not Acting as a Private Prosecutor: While the MC can engage in legal actions, it typically doesn’t act as a private prosecutor. This means that its legal actions are primarily aimed at managing the affairs of the building and enforcing regulations rather than pursuing criminal prosecutions or acting as an independent prosecutor in legal matters.

Powers and Responsibilities: The MC’s powers are typically focused on the regulation and management of the jointly owned building. This includes tasks such as maintaining communal areas, collecting communal fees, enforcing building regulations.

Responsibility for Enforcement: The MC is responsible for enforcing regulations outlined in relevant property laws or governing documents (such as the Immovable Property Act). This involves ensuring compliance with building rules, resolving disputes among owners, and taking appropriate actions to maintain the property’s integrity and functionality.

Overall, the Cyprus Management Committee serves as a representative body for the owners of units in a building, tasked with managing and regulating the property in accordance with legal requirements and the collective communal fees of the owners.

Based on the information provided, the powers of the management committee (MC) are primarily focused on the management, maintenance, and regulation of the commonly owned property, as well as representing the unit owners collectively.

The MC’s powers generally revolve around administrative and civil matters related to the jointly owned property, such as collecting communal fees, entering into contracts for maintenance and management, and pursuing legal action to recover outstanding communal fees. These powers are outlined in relevant property laws or governing documents.

Also, any legal action against the committee does not mean that the people behind the committee are personally liable, unless there is Criminal activity and or fraud where the member of the committee can be sued personally.


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