Cyprus Property Problems

  • I want to get out of my contract but I have a loan…. What can I do? The bank is chasing me as I cannot keep up my loan repayments… The developer is contacting me because I am not repaying my loan…. I cannot afford this property any more…. What am I going to do…. I am at the end of my tether… I cannot cope with this stress. We have heard the above phrases and many more, many, many times. As solicitors who work for their clients, we always try to help our clients to resolve their issues. Alongside The Marcus James Group, based in the UK, we have developed a scheme which we believe can assist our clients, and clients of other solicitors, developers and agents to ‘pass’ their rights and responsibilities of the ownership of the property to another person who is capable of fulfilling the financial obligations. I know what you are thinking; this is too good to be true? But it is…. Through our investigation and research and carefully constructed agreements which are fully legal and binding we have finalized a process which will allow the purchaser of a property to ‘resolve’ their financial burden. Hence Marcus James Recovery has been formed. Recovery is a scheme which has been created to allow the first purchaser of a property to assign his rights and obligations to his property to a new purchaser. Under Recovery the new purchaser will be granted the same rights and obligations of the property with the bank and the property developer of that of the first purchaser. The new purchaser will have the absolute right in using and disposing the property as he shall see fit. The New Purchaser’s responsibilities are to comply with the first purchasers responsibilities of the property until termination. The new purchase has the absolute right to utilize the property as he sees fit. For more information please contact us on or by telephone on +357 23811788 or by fax on +357 23811789.

Oikos Certificates of Approval

Our Rop UK Clients

  • Our duty as international Law Office is to protect our clients. for that reason we have decided not to work with Rop UK for their new sales as we have different policies. our video clarifies that our existing clients have nothing to worry about that as our relation with Rop UK will not influence their contract and the relation they have with us. We are members of the Association of International Property Professionals. Further to that we are one of the 9 Law offices in Cyprus that the British High Commission recommends to British Nationals to deal with. (video)