Could a property of a deceased person be transferred to the heirs without issuing a probate order?

When a person passes away without leaving a will, the family of the deceased will face the issue of transferring, and distributing the estate of the deceased to the heirs. Our office, G. KOUZALIS LLC has been dealing many years with these types of cases, and we are specialising in the section of the administration of the estate of the deceased. We can give you guidance, assistance and represent you as the Executors/Administrators of the estate of the deceased, in order to successfully close the probate. Generally, there are four ways of obtaining a probate order in Cyprus, which are:

  1. Probate with a will;
  2. Probate without a will;
  3. Re-sealing application;
  4. European Inheritance Certificate;

The Executor/Administrator of the estate, would need to be responsible for drafting all the necessary legal documentation, and for applying for the necessary Governmental Authorities. Moreover, the Executor / Administrator will have to submit all the legal documentation to the Court, follow the Court’s instructions, and appear at the Court whenever  is necessary and/or  needed. Since many Governmental Authorities are involved, in addition to the Court, it is a very time-consuming procedure with many steps to be undertaken. Hence, most of our clients appoint our office as the Executor / Administrator of the deceased estate, in order to avoid all the above complexities and assign this  responsibility to our experienced Lawyers.

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