Apply for 6% Donation – How long does it take?

How Long Does it Take to Claim my 6% Donation in Cyprus?

Now you have decided to claim your 6% donation on your Cyprus property, and we have determined that you have passed the criteria and have all the relevant documents which we covered previously.

We then send these with your application to the department of Donations.

Within approximately one month you will receive a letter from them to inform you if your application was successful.

If you feel this procedure is for you it would be a shame not to follow through. We can help you every step of the way.

We can check all your documents. Help you fill in all necessary forms and send all the necessaries to the department of Donations.

And in one month you could be sitting on a little nest egg.

If you require further information or are interested in this service our expert members of staff are waiting for your call.

It would do no harm to take a little peak at your paper work just in case this relates to you!